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Rob the Mechanic com: Check All Its Legitimacy Factors And Reviews Here!

Rob the Mechanic com write-up has analyzed the Hide-A-Way number plate selling website and enumerated its finding for online shoppers.

Do you want to conceal your car number plate on various occasions? Are you searching for an authentic website that sells hide-a-way number plates for automobiles? Although it’s illegal to hide vehicle number plates on the road, people want to conceal the number plate for different purposes.

Rob the Mechanic com has analyzed the website that sells custom Hide-A-Way plate frames for vehicle owners in the United States. 

Disclaimer: No promotional activity has been done nor we are supporting any portal. All the details have been mentioned only for educational purposes. 


Rob the Mechanic Website:


Rob the Mechanic Website

Rob the Mechanic is an e-commerce platform that sells Hide-A-Way number plates for bikes and cars. It has customized hide plates for different countries and people as they can put their names over the plate.

The website merchandise also sells Ron mechanic hoodies, beanies, t-shirts, and mechanic puzzles. Custom Hide plates for European and Australian customers are priced similarly at 210 US dollars, while simple customized plates are available at 160 US dollars.

Rob the Mechanic com Legit Details:

Legit detail of the website enables shoppers to check the legitimacy of the online store and help them in their purchasing decision. Some of the important legit parameters are listed below.

  • Domain Age –  Rob the mechanic domain, was registered on 7th October 2022.
  • Alexa ranking – The Alexa ranking for the website is zero.
  • Trust index – The trust rating for the number plate store is 100%.
  • Social media presence – Rob the mechanic store is on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • Plagiarism – The content of the website is free of plagiarism.
  • Trust scoreRob the Mechanic com trust score for the store is 6%.
  • Customer reviews – The customer review for the number plate store is missing.
  • Domain expiry – The domain will expire on 7th October 2023.
  • Company address – The company’s physical address is available on its website.

Customer Reviews 

The website was created two months ago and has a zero Alexa ranking. The lack of traffic on the website is also reflected in the absence of customer reviews. It has a well-developed social media presence and has inquiries from the customer on its Facebook and Instagram account.

Rob the Mechanic com website is still under construction as stated on the site. The Facebook account of Rob the Mechanic is followed by 105K people, while it’s Instagram has 5000 followers. 

Rob the Mechanic Company Policy:

The shipping facility is available for both American and international shoppers. The website mainly uses USPS Priority Mail for both US and international customers, but it also uses shipping services. 

Social media link:

Final verdict:

Rob the Mechanic website sells Hide-A-Way number plates for cars and bikes. Customer review for the store is missing in digital space. 

Have you purchased the Hide-A-Way number plate from Rob the Mechanic? Please comment.

Rob the Mechanic com: FAQs

Q.1 What is the creation date of Rob the Mechanic Website?

The Rob the Mechanic site was created on 7th October 2022.

Q.2 What products are sold at Rob the Mechanic store?

Hide-A-Way number plates and apparel like hoodies and t-shirts are sold on Rob’s website.

Q.3 Are customer reviews for Rob the Mechanic store present in digital space?

No, customer reviews for this website are missing.

Q4. What is the Alexa ranking of the Rob Mechanic website?

Rob Mechanic website Alexa rank is zero.

Q.5 How many followers does Ron Mechanic have on the Facebook site?

Rob the Mechanic com has 105 K followers on Facebook.

Q.6 What is the trust index for the Rob Mechanic site?

Rob Mechanic website has a trust index of 100%.

Q.7 What are the Payment options available on the Rob Mechanic site?

Shop Pay, GPay, PayPal, and Amazon Pay are some of the payment options.

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