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Write for Us Magazine: Know All Guidelines & Benefites!

The article describes the basic facts about the segment Write for Us Magazine and also discusses the other facilities.

Do you want to become a writer for the Magazine? Do you know the fundamental trends of the Magazine? You can start writing for our famous online portal. We offer content contributors who can write and publish an article on our portal.

If you really want to know about all these, you can quickly learn about our new segment, Write for Us Magazine

Know About the Portal Rationalin surgeon?

We are one of the best online portals . We publish various articles, news reports and website reviews on our portal. 

We regularly publish articles on Health, Business, Cryptocurrency, Fashion and many more subjects. Our main priority is to post news items and website reviews and educate our readers worldwide. 

We now offer content contributors for magazine writing. For this reason, we need experienced content contributors who have experience on this subject. 

The Rules of Write for Us + Magazine

  1. You need to submit the original content. We don’t allow plagiarism content. 
  2. The content should maintain all the basic protocols of grammar. 
  3. You need to write content from 500 to 1000 words. 
  4. Don’t draft your content in promotional ways. Our main priority is to inform the readers and educate them. 
  5. Ignore the abusive language. We don’t allow any content that has this kind of word. 
  6. Write the content in simple and accessible ways. 
  7. Always maintain the sequence of the keywords as per the guidelines. 
  8. For Magazine Write for Us, you need to use an external link after completing 80% of the content. 
  9. Don’t use the website link with a 3 per cent or more spam score. 
  10. Write the article in the active voice, and avoid the passive voice.
  11. Always use a modern form font.
  12. 98 per cent of Grammarly reports are essential. Please attach the screenshot of the Grammarly report with your content. 
  13. Draft the content in attractive and subjective ways. Use accurate information and avoid false statements or data while using this as a reference. 

“Write for Us” + Magazine.

Besides this, you must choose the best and most attractive topics for the article. You can choose your own case, or you can also select the subject on the following issue. 

  1. How to Publish a Travel Magazine? 
  2. How do you write a graphic novel? 
  3. Know how to start a fashion magazine in the recent time?
  4. How to see the portfolio magazine? 
  5. How to find the editors for your Magazine?
  6. Know the primary factors to start a film magazine?

These are the essential topics; you can write on this and send it to us.

Know the Advantages of Magazine + “Write for Us”

Don’t worry; we always respect the hard work of the content contributors. Therefore, we will provide some essential benefits of the segment. 

  1. You can connect with millions of readers worldwide. Our portal has excellent reach and popularity. 
  2. If you write regularly, you can connect with many industry experts in this sector. 
  3. Our team will support you technically and for any content-related issue. 

How to Send Article 

You can write a sample and send us to our official email id_ team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. Our team will revert you within one business day after reviewing your article. 


Write for Us Magazine is an excellent opportunity for content contributors. Using this segment, they can professionally become writers and gain experience. Therefore, without wasting your time, you start sending the content today. 

For more queries, you can email us. Also, gain knowledge on the particular subject Magazine by checking this link.

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