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[Updated] Something Navy Divorce: Are You Looking For Court Documents That Arielle Charnas and Brandon Not Divorcing? What Was The Scandal? Check Here!

The article explains the facts about Something Navy Divorce news and highlights the reality of the news spread on all social media handles.

Were you shocked to hear the news of the CEO of Something Navy? We were all appalled to hear the news of their separation. Recently, the information of Arielle and Brandon’s getting divorced started circulating the entire media, which made the people of the United States and Canada search for the reason behind their separation.

However, the news turned out to be false, and we will further tell you the reason behind the rumor. Stay tuned to the Something Navy Divorce post.

Disclaimer: We have posted the news based on authentic research and the information is extracted from authentic websites.

Reports of the Divorce Rumours

On Tuesday, rumors of the divorce of Something Navy CEO Arielle Charnas & Brandon widely spread on Reddit and other social media platforms. The following day, there were reports that Brandon Charnas had embezzled from Something Navy, and the couple was divorced.

Arielle and Brandon are happily married, as per the spokesperson of Arielle Charnas, and the reports are false. The couple has three daughters and denied the news of getting divorced. Brandon Charnas is the co-founder of Current Real Estate, and the news broke that he took some funds from Something Navy, which he failed to return.

Response of Arielle Charnas and Brandon on the news

As soon as the news spread on all social media platforms, the couple denied the rumors of their separation. They are doing fine and are living their life happily. 

Arielle started as an influencer and founded Something Navy in 2009. She also received backlash a few years ago when she posted on her Instagram handle about her Covid-19 test.

The divorce rumors spread after a letter was posted, which was written by Arielle about her marriage and husband. Other people found her on Instagram that she was without her engagement ring. 

Now, the series gave air to many speculations, and as a result, it ended up that the couple was getting divorced.

Is there any Scandal related to them?

There are no false links attached to the couple, and the spokesperson has denied all the fake allegations and said that these rumors are just a part of the disgusting smear campaign, which is only meant to spoil the reputations of the couple and to damage their lives. People must not pay heed to all such fake news.

Arielle, who owns the company Something Navy, is a fashion brand with apparel for women, kids, swimming costumes, and other accessories. Not only that, it has a varied collection of homeware.

Documents justification of the couple 

People also demanded Court Documents as proof of the couple not getting divorced. No such records exist that can be released in the media. There were no such things coming into the news as of now. We cannot say much about the divorce rumors; the current report claims the stories are false.

We will have to wait until the couple makes an official confirmation, and till then, people can only speculate on the matter.

The Navy CEO denies rumors relating to embezzlement.

Something Navy became a stand-alone fashion brand in 2020 and does e-commerce, wholesale, and retail. The Something Navy Divorce news spread after there were reports of embezzlement by Arielle’s Husband, Brandon Charnas, and it also reported that the company was filing for bankruptcy of the firm.

The real estate spokesperson said there was no embezzlement, and the news was false.

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The divorce news is false, as the couple has made no official confirmation. The report of the embezzlement gave rise to divorce rumors, but that has been put under the fake category.

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Something Navy Divorce– FAQs

  1. Who is the founder of Something Navy?

Arielle Charnas is the founder and CEO of the company.

  1. What is the net worth of Arielle Charnas?

Arielle has an estimated net worth of $6.15 million.

  1. Who is the husband of Arielle Charnas?

Brandon Charnas is the husband of Arielle.

  1. Who is Brandon Charnas?

He is the founder of a Real Estate company.

  1. Is the news of the embezzlement true?

No, the spokesperson has denied the rumors of the embezzlement.

  1. What is the net worth of Brandon Charnas?

The net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

  1. From where did the separation news of the couple spread?

Through various social media platforms such as Reddit and Instagram.

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