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Wsx Store Reviews (Oct 2022) Is Wsxstore Legit Or Scam

Read this blog on Wsx Store Reviews to know all the authentic details of this newly start-up e-commerce business site.

Who doesn’t love shopping from cheap and affordable E-commerce sites? Are you looking for the same? Do you want to know the authentic reviews on an online shopping site? Well, the Wsx Store offers you the same, and it is one of the United Statesoriginated websites, but the main query which arises from any online platform is whether the website is safe to make a purchase.

To know the genuine reviews of Wsx, read this blog on Wsx Store Reviews until the very close.


What does the Wsx Store Website sell?

Like any other clothing e-commerce platform, the Wsx store sells a wide range of affordable and cheap clothing items. This website offers products for both men and women. Moreover, the website offers customers essential clothing items rather than elegantly designed clothing wears. The website offers the following clothing they are as follows:-

  • Pack of Undergarments.
  • Socks.
  • T-shirts both for men and women.
  • Women’s inner wears.
  • Pack of face mask.
  • Few dresses for women

And a few other items as well.

So, to know if Is Wsxstore Legit Or Scam website, interested buyers of this e-commerce site have to keep reading this blog till the finish. The website also offers up to 50% discount on every product, which is an amazing deal. In the next segment, interested readers can know the website’s specifications; hence, check out the next section.

Specifications of The Wsx Store

  • Website Link:
  • Address Details: The physical or contacting address is missing on this website.
  • Email ID: The mail ids provided on this website are SERVICE@FAMILYCUSTOMER.COM and YOGMHUMS@QTBROWSER.COM.
  • Contact Number: The contact number or calling details have not been shared on the website.
  • Customer Review:Wsx Store Reviews are completely missing for this website.
  • Shipping details: Approximately 7 to 9 days of shipping period is mentioned.
  • Delivery Details: The delivery time is not specified on this website.
  • Return Service: Return details are specified, but the time limit for returning the products is not mentioned.
  • Exchange Facility: its time limit is also unavailable online.
  • Availability of Cancellation: Cancellation timing is also missing.
  • Refund Facility: Details regarding the refund are missing completely.
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, PayPal, JCB and MasterCard.

Positive aspects and Negative aspects to verify Is Wsxstore Legit Or Scam 

To grab the details on the positive and negative aspects of this website, read below:-

Positive aspects 

  • The website sells clothing items for both men and women category.
  • The site offers multiple payment methods to the customer.
  • The website is now offering up to 50% off on its products.

Negative Aspects

  • Presently, many necessary details on this website are missing, such as contact number, address, delivery details, return details etc.
  • The website has no social media link-ups, which is quite doubtful.
  • The site has got really poor trust index score.

Is the Reviews a legit store?

  • Trust Index: 1% only, which is quite poor.
  • Broken URLs: Unavailable.
  • Customer Reviews: Not present.
  • Social media Profile: The website has no social links or profiles.
  • Copied Content: The website has used cropped and copied images.
  • Missing Information: Contact number, email, and address.
  • Payment Systems: They are Visa, Master Card, PayPal etc.
  • Owner’s Details are not available.
  • Registration Age: The official registration date is 26/09/2022.
  • Expiry Age: The website’s registration date will expire on 25/09/2022.
  • Alexa Rank: #215105.
  • Domain URL:

Thus, the website looks quite dubious and misleading for now. Reviews 

So based on thorough research, this website looks quite dubious for now, as no reviews are available on reliable platforms. Also, the website completely lacks the latest women’s fashion tips. It seems unreliable with the missing authentic details on its customer reviews and other mandatory information on the website. 

Thus, one can get easily scammed online through this website. So you should know the Easy and Simple refund methods from paypalto avoid such scams.

The Final Verdict

The sellers of this website have completely failed to gain popularity on their e-commerce start-up. Especially the missing Wsx Store Reviews are the reason for the website’s slow or zero progress. Thus, always beware of such untrustworthy websites; otherwise, the users become the Victim of Credit Card Fraud? Easily.

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