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This article provides complete details on wounded girl in Ted Cruz house and more about Ted Cruz Daughter TikTok Video. Follow our article to know further.

Have you heard about the wounded girl found in Ted Cruz home? Do you know why did she got such wound? If not, this blog will share all the details you have been searching for. The news went viral after the medical team went to Senator Ted Cruz house. This has become the most talked news in the United States.

In this article, we will follow all the information about the wounded girl and further details on Ted Cruz Daughter Tiktok Video. Read the blog below.

Wounded girl in Ted Cruz house:

On Tuesday night, the medical team and law authorities rushed to Ted Cruz house after a girl was found wounded at his house. Ever since then, the news went circulating throughout the internet. Reports believe that the girl was none other than the daughter of Ted Cruz.

As per reports, On Tuesday night a 14-year-old girl was found with self-inflicted stab wounded on her arms at Senator Ted Cruz house located near the River Oaks, the news went Viral On Twitter. Reports claim that it was a suicide attempt from that girl.

Who was the girl with the self-inflicted wounds?

In recent times, a 14-year-old girl was found at around 8 p.m. in Ted Cruz house was found with self-inflicted wounds on her arms. She was believed to be attempting suicide. However, reports believe that the girl was none other than Ted Cruz daughter, Caroline,14. The news went viral in many platforms including Reddit. Ted Cruz has two daughters Catherine, 11 and Caroline,14.   

While there were questions on her self-inflicted wounds, a video went circulating throughout the internet published early this year. This year Caroline has been viral after she replied in a Tiktok video that she disagrees with most of her father’s views and politics. She does not like the way people judge her based on her father’s viewpoints. The video was also going viral on Telegram

The wounded girl was taken to Hospital. Soon after the incident took place, a family representative made a statement in ABC 13 that Ted Cruz daughter are totally fine and they expect people respect their privacy as it is their family matter.

Further details of Wounded girl in Ted Cruz girl:

A 14-years old girl was found wounded at the Senator Ted Cruz house near the River Oaks, Houston, Texas. After such an incident took place, police officers were found outside the Ted Cruz house. The police officers revealed that there weren’t any signs of family violence or criminal activity. The news was also viral on Instagram

Reports reveal that Ted Cruz was in Washington DC while the incident took place. But not sure on whether he travelled back home after noticing such an incident.

Summing up:

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Ted Cruz Daughter TikTok Video- FAQ

  • Where was the wounded girl found?

Answer: Senator Ted Cruz house 

  • What was the age of the wounded girl?

Answer: 14 years 

  • How did the girl get those wounds?

Answer: self-inflicted wounds 

  • Who was that wounded girl?

Answer: Ted Cruz daughter, Caroline

  • What are the names of the daughters of Ted Cruz?

Answer: Caroline and Catherine

  • Was there any family violence or criminal activity at the house?

Answer: No 

  • Did the Ted Cruz Daughter TikTok Video go viral?

Answer: Yes

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