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Solum Token (Nov 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Are you searching for the live price and total market supply of Solum Token? Then let us help you throughout the post to reveal facts

Have you ever heard of a token that is provided with high-yielding and quick trading facilities? Then allow us to help you throughout the post. 

A few days back, Solana, a well-known public blockchain platform, constructed a token that has achieved fame Worldwide. It helps the developers to make safe and secure apps to support the users while trading. It also uses SOL to facilitate payments within its blockchain. 

Besides, through the article, we will investigate deeper into Solum Token, helping us to inform about its actual price and statistical data. So, let us start our journey. 

Understanding Solum

It is regarded as a DeFi project whose aim is to offer the user several trading and staking rewards or options. Moreover, it is built on Solana with the continued production of more than 30 million tokens. 

The tokens are useful for experiencing hassle-free operations utilizing the DeFi technology. However, they are working with higher professionals by campaigns and ads to serve a great deal to their clients through Solum Token. In addition, they have high-quality products that may attract huge traffic. 

Founder Details 

Upon researching, we have not detected any details regarding the owner of this particular token. 

Key Features of SOLUM

Characteristics  Evaluation 
Best price swaps  It provides the best liquidity pool for desirable outcomes.
High yielding  Yielding farms offer the user to gain more rewards. 
Acute AMM It employs Serum’s order book capabilities to detect major changes. 
Cheap trading  It offers quick and affordable trading.
Valuable Launchpad  It provides several Solana projects for a huge profit.
Excelled NFT They have a unique NFT representing prime Solana assets.  

Solum Token: Live Price 

We have found that the present price for this token is $0.1175, with a fully diluted market cap of $9,750,395 and a max supply of 100,000,000.

Market Supply And Other Statistical Data

  • The token’s market cap is not available.
  • SOLUM’s market rank is #3185.
  • The all-time high of the token is $0.09948.
  • The 7th day low of SOLUM is $0.02245.
  • Its fully diluted market cap is $9,750,395.
  • The token’s 24-hour volume is $616,060.
  • The all-time low of SOLUM’s is $0.02245.
  • The max supply of Solum Token is 100,000,000.
  • Its circulating supply is unavailable. 
  • SOLUM’s 7th day high is $0.09948.

Token’s Allocation 

Areas  Percentage 
Team 20%
Partnerships/Marketing 20%
Seed Investors 15%
Liquidity 20%
Community Management 5%
Advisors 4%
Ecosystem 16%

How to But The Token? 

If you’re hunting for top exchanges to trade this token, we will suggest Raydium since it is the best AMM and liquidity provider on Solana. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the Official Website of SOLUM?

A1. The official website of Solum is https://solum.finance.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of Solum Token?

A2. 9XtRZwKzDXEJ61A7qCqbPz8jXMYHGT3LwxqrEzB6fqxv is the token’s contract address. 

Q3. What are the steps to buy this token?

A3. At present, Raydium is the preferable exchange medium for SOLUM. Visit here for more information on the token

Closing Thoughts 

We have discussed a well-liked crypto token that has gained huge publicity over the internet in this post. Moreover, the article has also analyzed the in-depth token details, including the owner’s name and live price. 

The write-up has evolved its features, including a unique NFT wallet, cheap trading and valuable launchpad, which will help to reveal more facts about Solum Token

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Do you think trading in Solum is beneficial? Then, let us know your thoughts in the comment box. 

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