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Pkd To PHP {Oct} Coin Price, Chart, Supply, How To Buy?

The article describes a type of crypto or NFT token. To learn, read more on Pkd to PHP conversion.

Do you invest in Cryptocurrency? Would you like to invest in NFTs? What is Petkingdom Token? How to buy Pkd tokens? From where to buy Pkd tokens? Read this write-up to know more about Pkd.

 Crypto-currency and NFTs market has grown immensely in the past two years. People are investing regularly in crypto-currencies these days. PKD’s full form is Pet-kingdom. It is a cryptocurrency, and anyone can buy Pkd tokens. People from the Philippines and all around the world are interested in Pkd to PHP.

 What is PKD? 

Pkd is a widely used term for Pet kingdom tokens. Anyone can win money regularly through this token. It is based on blockchain and Non-fungible token technology. The Pet Kingdom is a famous game where players can play the games to win and earn or collect Pkd tokens. 

 The Player has to enter the fight or battle and win it to earn the tokens. No game fee is required. One can play and collect the rewards. Players need coordination among the team members to win a game as the Pet Kingdom is a multiplayer game.

 What is Pkd to PHP Price?

Pet kingdom tokens are a Non-Fungible token and tradeable in the cryptocurrency market. These tokens are directly related to the game the Pet Kingdom. Pkd tokens are listed on some crypto exchange markets. Currently, the price of the Pkd token is $ 0.3013; the highest in the past 24 hours was $ 0.3998, and the lowest price was $ 0.2057. 

 The overall variation in exact figures of the price change in the past 24 hours was $ 0.009043. The value of Pkd fluctuates very rapidly. But the token was launched recently, and it is still in its early growth stage. One cannot buy Pkd tokens directly from the market.

 About the Founders

 Pkd token and Pkd to PHP are the major product of the Pet Kingdom game. Thus, the players of the pet kingdom can be the owner of crypto-currency. So, this token must be founded by someone within the company of the Pet Kingdom game. 

 But, unfortunately, no information regarding the founder of the Pkd token is provided anywhere. This is the point where a potential buyer might get suspicious about the authenticity of a token.

 Facts about Pkd token supply

The trading volume of the Pkd token is currently at $ 462,006.01. The total supply in the market is 2,00,00,000 PKD.

 How to buy Pkd to PHP? A perfect guide with Trustwallet

  1. Create an account on the trust wallet app to own a Pkd token.
  2. Connect your bank account with the wallet.
  3. Play the game and enter into the battle to win these tokens as rewards.
  4. After collecting tokens, go to the profile and click on the withdraw option 
  5. Fill up your trust wallet details 
  6. Then the PKD NFTs will be transferred to your trust wallet account.


1.Is Pet kingdom easy or difficult to play?

The game is not difficult to play. But it is indeed a team game.

  1.     What is the name of the Pkd to PHP founder?

The name of the founder of the PKD token is unknown.

  1.     Can we buy a token with cash?

One cannot buy these NFTs with cash directly. First, you have to buy Bitcoin, and then you will be able to purchase PKD.

 Final Verdict

After proper investigation of facts and information, we concluded that Pkd or Pet Kingdom token is new, but there are great chances to grow exceptionally in the long term. People from the Philippines and worldwide are curious about this game-based NFT. 

 If you wish to learn more on Pet Kingdom token, click on the link 

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