How Do I Report A Bitcoin Scammer - A Helpful Guide!

How Do I Report A Bitcoin Scammer – A Helpful Guide!

How Do I Report A Bitcoin Scammer – A Helpful Guide! >> Please get effective help on reporting the online Bitcoin scams here in this article and check all the crucial details.

Do you trade in Cryptocurrency? Are you aware of the online Bitcoin scams? There is a huge spike recorded in the number of Bitcoin scams, owing to the rising market value of Cryptocurrency.

Worldwide investors and traders must know fraudulent Bitcoin investment websites and fake exchanges to avoid scams. Unfortunately, many investors fall prey to Bitcoin scams every year and lose all their Cryptocurrency.

Fortunately, there are ways available to report the scam and recover the lost Bitcoin. Please continue reading to access the helpful guide on How Do I Report A Bitcoin Scammer.

A Few Words About Bitcoin

In 2009 that is almost 12 years ago anonymous person naming Satoshi Nakamoto developed the first-ever Cryptocurrency worldwide. Even after 12 years, Bitcoin is still in the top position; many people invest in virtual currency crazily.

Even being more than a decade old crypto, people end up losing their money due to the presence of scammers online. Every bit of the Bitcoin scam is covered in this article; please go through it. 

  • Currency Name – Bitcoin
  • Symbol – BTC, XBT.
  • Authors – Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Initial release date – January 9, 2009.
  • Recent Release Date – May 2, 2021.

Is Scamming in Bitcoin a True Message? 

Being a first and still a top Crypto, people wonder is there any chances that investors get scammed and lose money? Surprisingly, yes; scammers are common in the digital world. 

There were reported scams in Bitcoin, and they may continue to happen in the future as well. So please get to know about Bitcoin scams and how to report them in the below sections.

What is Bitcoin Scam?

Bitcoin Scam is the online scam conducted by a group of people or scammers who tricks innocent investors and traders for their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin Scam comes in all sizes and shapes.

Some people fall prey to the celebrities’ hands and CEOs, while others Worldwide users are victimized by malware attacks and getting their accounts hacked for Bitcoin transfer. No matter how you are victimized, it is necessary to know the steps to report the scam and get your Bitcoin back.

How Do I Report A Bitcoin Scammer – A Step by Step Guide!

Here are a few DIY steps that can help you report the Bitcoin Scammer and the Scams with ease.

  • Contact the Fraud Crypto Platform – The first step is to contact the Crypto Trading Platform that scammed you for Bitcoin. Warn them that if your Bitcoin is not returned, you may report the scam to financial authorities in your state. It is not the guaranteed way to get your money back, but it is the right procedure to follow.
  • Report to Financial Authorities – The second step is to report the Bitcoin scam and scammers to relevant financial authorities of your state. You may also lock a complaint and case with a scam Recovery Company. Provide all relevant information regarding the scam and scammers to file a complaint and let the company work for you to recover the lost Bitcoin.
  • Seek Online Help – If you are scammed and lost your Bitcoin, you may seek online help. You must release your story on community forums, like Quora, Reddit, and Social Media Platforms. Others may have information about the scammers, and they will share you after seeing your story. It would help you dig more into the case and recover your lost money.
  • Intimate the Crypto Wallet – You must notify the Bitcoin wallet provider about the scammers. It would increase awareness and may jeopardize the relationship between the wallet provider and scammers. It will help others from getting scammed.

What are the Other Ways to Report A Bitcoin Scammer?

It is necessary to report and tag every scam address on the official website of Bitcoin. It would help detect and avoid further scams. The Bitcoin community needs to take the steps.

Investors can report the Bitcoin scams to the FBI. It is not the guaranteed way to recover your Bitcoins unless it was a million-dollar scam. But, it will prevent others from falling prey to the next scam. Here are a few ways to report the Bitcoin Scam.

Step One

  • Go to the Bitcoin Address Report page.
  • Click on “Report Scam.”
  • Please provide the details of the Bitcoin scammer and their web address.
  • Attach the screenshot of the scam.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Step Two

You may report the suspicious activates and frauds to:

  • FTC at the official website
  • Commodity Features Trading Commission at
  • US Securities and Exchange Commission at
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Company where you were scammed

How to recover the Scammed Bitcoin Safely?

After reporting the Bitcoin scams and scammers, it is time to recover your scammed Bitcoin. The best way to recover the scammed Bitcoin is by hiring the Bitcoin Recovery Company. The experts will track the Bitcoin exchanges and other transactions and apply essential tech processes to recover the scammed Bitcoin for you.

Using the services of Bitcoin Recovery Experts gives you peace of mind knowing that your scammed Bitcoin will be recovered for a small fee. The experts offer you the largest and best Bitcoin recovery and reclaim solutions using effective and legal recovery procedures.

Anyone who has lost Bitcoin in a scam, hack, ransomed, fake ICOs, or lost funds to the wrong address may hire the services of the Bitcoin Recovery Company.


Did you lose your Bitcoin to any fake miners? Did you lose your access key? Please don’t get worried, as you may use the helpful guide above on How Do I Report A Bitcoin Scammer and report the scammer and get reclaiming solutions.

You can report and get back your lost Bitcoin, especially if you follow the right procedures. We are here updating the Bitcoin Scammer List 2021 for your reference. Please go through it here. 

Did you fall prey to any Bitcoin scam? What steps have you taken to report? Please share it in the comment box below.

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