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Slim Danger Pregnant: Explore More Details On Her Age, Pics, Net Worth, Instagram, And Twitter Post

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Who is Slim Danger? Is She Pregnant? Who is Chief Keef? If you are an avid follower of the rapper industry, then you might know these people. Everyone from the United States wants to know if the news, Slim Danger Pregnant is real or fake. If you are also interested in the details of this topic, please read the article religiously.


Slim Danger’s Pregnancy Rumors

Recently, a rumour spread from a TikTok account that Slim Danger is pregnant and she is carrying the baby of the rapper Lil Baby. Some claim that she had given some fuel to the false news. Later the rapper cleared the air and gave a cryptic message on his Instagram story that everyone should stop spreading fake news about him. 


We have just presented information from online sources. We are not putting comment on anyone’s personal life.

As per the updates, the fake news caught fire when an account named ‘slimdanger_backagain’ posted some controversial content. Now the account is not accessible to anyone. The rapper called out on Slim Danger indirectly for babbling a false narrative. These two have been together in fake news in 2022. Slim danger is the mother to the rapper Chief Keef’s baby. 

Personal Details Of Slim Danger (Net Worth, Profession, Relationship details, Nationality etc.)

Name Aereon Clark
Stage Name Slim Danger
Occupation Social Media Influencer, Model and actress 
Birth Place  New Orleans, U.S.
Nationality  American
Gender Female
Relationship Status She is Single
Birth Date June 13th 1989
Religion Christianity
Weight (in Kilos) 56 kgs
Height (in Feet) 5 Feet 7 inch
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Children 2 Sons, first son is around 15 years old and second son is Zinc he is around 7 years old. 
Age 33 years old

Link To Social Media Accounts

Controversies have always surrounded Clark. Currently, she is in talks due to her false pregnancy news with Lil Baby, the rapper. Here are the links to her social media accounts:


She has 4 posts and follows just 3 people. On the contrary, more than 30 thousand people follow her. She has written ‘Your mom’ in the description and has provided a Gmail address:


She follows 366 people, and 6365 people follow her. Her location is pinned as Louisiana, USA. She joined the platform in May 2010.


Rapper Lil Baby has shut down the fake news online that Slim danger is pregnant with his baby. He has urged everyone to stop spreading fake narratives in an Instagram story. He indirectly denied the alleged claims. Click here to read recent news 

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Updates On Slim Danger’s Pictures And Controversies: FAQs

Q1. Who is slim danger?

Slim danger is an actress and a social media star. Her real name is Aereon Clark, and she was born in New Orleans, U.S.

Q2. Is Aereon Clark pregnant with Lil baby’s baby?

No, Lil baby denied the rumours in a social media post. Although his message was cryptic, everyone understood what he was trying to point out. He called the news “False narratives.”

Q3. What is Slim Danger Chief Keef relationship?

Slim Danger and Chief Keef dated for some time, and they have a son who is around six years old. Now they share the parenting of their son Zinc, but they are not together. 

Q4. Who is Lil Baby?

Lil Baby is a famous rapper. His real name is Dominique Armani Jones, from Atlanta, U.S.

Q5. Does Slim danger post her Pics?

Yes, she does, and one can find a link to her account in the above article. 

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