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Dale Cheney Obituary: Check Complete Details On His Biography, Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More

The article explains the incident that happened to Dale, and his details are also explained from where people can be obtained by reading Dale Cheney Obituary.

Who is Dale Cheney? Why he jumped from Bar54? Did he attempt suicide? What happened to him? who saw him, and what did the Bar members say? Did you get any details related to it? If not, look at the article below to learn more about it. The incident happened in New York in the United States, and people were shocked after seeing his death. Read Dale Cheney Obituary to know more about it.


Who is Dave Cheney?

Dale is the founder of the private investment fund. He has three children, and he has been identified as a victim. Dale died by falling from a rooftop bar in New York City.

Dale Cheney passed away on January 25 around 6.30 pm. He lost his life by falling from Bar54 In New York at Hyatt Centric Times Square, located at 135 West 45th St. in Manhattan. Dale’s Age is 46. In 2013 Dale Cheney started the Darien-based T-street capital. As per sources, Dale fell to the ground, and after some time, it had declared that he was dead. After investigation, it came to know that it looked like suicide.

Cheney obtained a master’s in business administration from Harvard Business School. As per the LinkedIn page, he served on the boards of multiple organizations. In 2005, Dale began to work as an investment banking associate at Goldman Sachs, as per the website. The Parents details of Dale are not known. Until 2013, followed by a period as an investment principal at Citicorp Venture Capital. The bar owners said the outdoor area would be locked in a statement.

It is suspected that Cheney committed suicide just one day after he divorced his wife, Lauren Cheney. Dale, who divorced his wife, passed away after he requested a divorce from his wife. Dale is a father of three young children. They spent $1.6 million on their current home in 2018. The mansion currently has a market Net worth valued at more than $3.8 million. Cheney, a divorced father of three young children, passed away a day after he requested a divorce from his wife. Police were summoned to his previous Upper East Side house twice in 2008 due to domestic problems One of the conflicts involved was due to money. In 2010, they relocated from Manhattan to Connecticut.

Chris Piralta, a parking attendant, stated that it was like a little bump, like boom, due to the incident happened. Each one was nervous when the incident occurred. One lady came into the parking lot and mentioned that somebody had jumped.

Detailed Biography

T-street Capital is led by Dale Cheney, who serves as chief executive officer, managing partner, and general partner. He is a member of the Board of Directors at American Highway. His role at T-street Capital is that of General Partner. Additionally, he is a member of the Board of Directors at Hyperlite Mountain Gear, and That’s It. Below are a few more details about Dale, his family and age, and so on.


Name: Dale L. Cheney

Age: 46

Wife: Lauren Cheney

Children: three 

DOD: January 25, 2023

Industry: Financial services


As per the investigation, Dale Cheney lost his life by jumping from Bar54 in New York. He lost his life on January 25, and few suspect it might be suicide. The incident happened the next day he filed a divorce case from his wife. Gather more details online.

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Dale Cheney Obituary- FAQ

Q1. What is the wife’s name of Dale Cheney?

Dale’s wife’s name is Lauren Cheney.

Q2. When he jumped from Bar54 in New York?

He jumped on January 25 around 6.30 pm

Q3. What is Dale’s age?

His Age is 46.

Q4. What is the Height of Dale?

Not known.

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