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Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn: Is Walker a Pfizer Employee? Which Video Has Been Shared Online? Checkout Links Here!

Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn post has discussed the claim made by Walker during a sting operation of Project Veritas.

Have you seen the viral video of Jordan Tristan Walker? Is Tristan Walker’s claim to mutate covid-19 virus for developing a new vaccine actual? Some mainstream media outlets reported this controversial statement but later deleted the post on their portal. 

An undercover journalist of Project Veritas recorded Jordan Tristan’s controversial statement. The leaked video of Walker has gone viral among social media users in the United States and Canada. Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn write-up has links and reports related to the Walker Viral clip.


Disclaimer: The post content is based on internet research and is for the Informative purpose of a digital audience.

Pfizer Tristan Walker Controversial Video:

According to Project Veritas’s claim, they conducted a sting operation on Pfizer employee Walker for knowing the company plans to develop a potent vaccine for the covid-19 virus. The research director revealed that they plan to mutate the virus to create a new vaccine version.

Tristan further claimed that they are doing this controlled research on monkeys as it will help them develop a vaccine for a new virus variant.

Jordan Tristan Walker Video:

Tristan’s video was released on the internet on 26th January 2023 by the Veritas Company. The video has been viewed 26 million times on Twitter and is getting viral on other social media platforms. It is a nine-minute fifty-eight-second video released by Veritas, with 682K views and twelve thousand comments.

Jordan seems intoxicated in the video while revealing details of a vaccine development project. The footage also validates the “Wuhan lab theory” that resulted in the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic across the globe. The scary revelation is getting the attention of the leading media, and Pfizer needs to come clear on it.

Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn:

Walker’s digital footprint has been removed after his controversial video went viral on the internet. According to Veritas, they worked hard to find the details of Tristan Walker to verify that he is a legitimate employee of Pfizer. 

Walker’s role in Pfizer – The pharma giant organization chart showed Tristan three steps below CEO and Chairman Albert Bourla. He has been working as Director of Worldwide R&D strategic operation and MRNA scientific planning from 2021 to present

BCG Employee – He worked as a consultant in the Boston consulting group from 2019 to 2021.

Education – some reports suggest that he graduated from Yale University in 2013. 

Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn profile is not available on the internet, and details are based on findings of Veritas.

Social Media Reaction to Pfizer Viral Video:

People are angry and upset with the content of the Tristan viral clip. Some netizens commented that covid-19 was brought to increase the sale of vaccines by the nexus of government and corporate sectors. Walker’s profile is also a topic of discussion among netizens.

Social Media Links:




BCG Publication link


People expect Pfizer to come clean on the claim made by Jordan Walker. Some links to publication by BCG substantiates that Walker was working for them. Would you like to share your thoughts on Pfizer Video? Please comment.

Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn: FAQs

Q.1 What is referred to as a cash cow in Tristan Viral video?

Coronavirus is referred to as a “cash cow” in the viral clip.  

Q.2 What is Walker’s take on regulators in the viral clip?

Walker claimed that regulators remain silent on Pfizer to take high-up jobs in the company.

Q.3 Who is the founder of Project Veritas?

James O Keefe is the founder of Project Veritas.

Q.4 Is Jordan Walker’s profile present on digital media platforms?

Jordan Walker’s profile is missing from the digital media space.

Q.5 Has Pfizer responded to claims in the Jordan Tristan Walker Video?

No, Pfizer has not responded to claims made by Walker in the sting operation of Project Veritas.

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