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[Updated]Shaquille Robinson Story – Watch The Cctv Footage, On Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Friends, Also Details Of Obituary!

The article Shaquille Robinson Story accurately depicts the true incident that occurred to a young innocent girl.

Are you the type of person who keeps up with current events? Recently, our world has become a place that is not suitable for girls to live in.

One month before a young girl was killed mercilessly while she was on a Mexico trip, the news shocked the worldwide population, the dead victim was Shaquille Robinson. She was a young lady, and she was killed, and there is a hidden mystery behind her killings, so here in this Shaquille Robinson Story article, we are going to decode it.


Who is Shaquille Robinson?

Shaquille Robinson was a 25-year-old businesswoman based in the Carolinian region. She was successfully running her braiding business. Then one day, Shaquille and her best friend, Khalil Cooke, decided to go on a trip to Mexico with some other friends. On October 28, 2022.

Everything was going well on the trip, and Shaquille called her mother, Salmondria, and she said she had eaten the tacos and enjoyed her trip very well.

But the next day, Shaquille Robinson was found dead along with her friend in Mexico.

The police officers arrived at the scene and sent the bodies for the autopsy test.

The cause of death and CCTV footage

There are two reasons for it circulating on the internet.

They are,

  • Someone poisoned Shaquille Robinson’s alcoholic drinks.
  • CCTV footage is circulated on the internet that shows an unknown boy severely beating and thrashing Shaquille on a bare stage. And one guy was recording all these incidents with his camera and leaking them on the internet.

The CCTV footage went viral on the internet, but it has been a month since it was released.

However, one of the most significant police findings is that they believe one of the boys was beating Shaquille, and that boy was one of her friends with whom she traveled to Mexico.

The saddest part is that the boy is laughing and making a giggling sound while he was beating Shaquille Robinson naked. And he asked her to fight back.

The leaked videos on Instagram

We couldn’t find any leaked CCTV footage of Shaquille Robinson on Instagram, but a hashtag is trending on Instagram: #ShaquilleRobinson to do justice to the innocent girl.

Many black people are speaking out about this, believing that her friend beat her, then flew back to the United States of America.

However, all of those hashtags help to contextualize the situation.

Videos on Twitter

We tried to find videos on Twitter, and those we found were only 5 to 10 seconds long video. 

But in one of the YouTube videos, one lady captured some snippets of the eavesdropped CCTV footage. And the incident happened in a hotel room, where she was stripped, and one guy beat her. Some claimed she was tied up and that they had beaten her face so severely that all of her eyes were swollen.

The Reddit videos

Some Reddit links address her issues, but they aren’t working and appear to have been removed due to sensitive content. It is highly inappropriate to watch naked videos of someone or to abuse them physically. But this video helped the police officers find many things. And they have fastened up the autopsy results, which they even released on the internet.

Who is Shaquille Robinson’s friend?

Shaquille Robinson’s best friend Khalil Cooke accompanied her, but she has five more friends who have traveled with her. But there is no official confirmation from the police, so what happened to Khalil Cooke? According to online sources, some state that all the friends of Shaquille Robinson were dead, and some state Shaquille Robinson and Khalil Cooke were both dead. But Why is everyone only sympathizing with Shaquille Robinson if both of them were dead? People on the internet asked all these questions.

Shaquille Robinson Obituary

Shaquille Robinson’s funeral services were going to happen on coming Saturday. We want to present Shaquille Robinson’s autopsy findings. It also says her neck was broken, and she had a severe spinal cord fracture. But her friends claim that Shaquille Robinson overdosed on alcohol and that someone intoxicated him.


But no justice has been served for Shaquille Robinson, and the perpetrator is still at large. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

Shaquille Robinson Story: FAQ

Q1. What was the actual name of Shaquille Robinson?

It was Shaquille Brenada Robinson.

Q2. Is her story credible?

The irony is that everyone is making up their own stories to save the culprit, and the culprit belongs to her friend group.

Q3. Does the police arrest the culprit?

No, and the police officials say there is a lack of evidence to arrest them.

Q4. When did Shaquille die?

She died on October 29, 2022.

Q5. Can we see her videos?

Yes, we have attached the link here

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