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Daejhanae Jackson Charlotte Nc Ig: Who Is She? Why Is She Trending on Linkedin, Twitter & Reddit Platforms?

In the article, you will find every detail of Daejhanae Jackson Charlotte Nc Ig. Furthermore, get disclosure on the murder mystery.

Who is Daejhanae Jackson? What does her report say? One of the top businesswomen, Shanquella Robinson, was found dead. She went on a vacation with her friends to Mexico. When the group returned, she was not with them, and her friends told her family that she had over-consumed liquor and died.

When her family found out, they reported to the police to investigate the situation and found out that her friends were lying. People Worldwide is interested in finding out about Daejhanae Jackson Charlotte Nc Ig


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Full Story 

On 28 October, a group of people named Shanquella Robinson, Khalil Koke, Nazeer Wiggins, Wenter Donovan, Malik Dyer, Alyssa Hyatt, and Daejhanae Jackson went on vacation to Cabo in Mexico. Due to some internal disagreement, some images got viral of a fight between Daejanae and Shanquella.

Images show that Robison was undressed and she was feeling helpless. Moreover, during the investigation, the autopsy report says there is no sign of poisoning. Daejhanae broke Robinson’s neck and smashed Bruce numerous times. When the authority asked Daejanae Jackson, she said she fought with Big Zenna Jackson due to a misunderstanding. 

Robinson was upset by the fight and overconsumed the liquor, so it poisoned her body. Additionally, the Charlotte family denied requesting the police to take action against Daejanae.

Why are people looking for the Instagram account of Daejanae?

Such a controversial mystery of Murder and poison brings a unique twist to the story. Everyone wants to see the face and the profile of Daejanae so they can understand more about her. 

You can find Jackson’s Ig link in the social media link section. Moreover, her fellow friend Khalil was also there when the frightening scenario occurred. The inner reality is not yet enclosed because all of her friends are lying and hiding the facts.

Social Media Justice

People worldwide and her friends post multiple tweets and messages on various platforms. Everyone is asking for justice for Shanquella. all the Evidence gathered by the police point toward Jackson. Police took Jackson into custody and further investigated, considering the testimonies and Evidence.

Twitter news is trending with #justiceforshanquella. People worldwide believe that Jackson should be arrested for the murder of Robinson. The case took more time than expected but still there is no justice for the lesser one.

Full Name Shanquella Robinson 
Age 25
Date of Birth   North Carolina USA
Place of Death Mexico
Net Worth $5 million
Reason of Death  Beaten and Broken neck
Profession  Business woman
Father  Bernard Robinson
Mother  Salamondra Robinson
Siblings  Information unavailable
Height  5 feet 6 inch

People are also visiting her business account of Robinson to find more information about her work and profession. You can get additional detail on her LinkedIn profile. The sad part of the mystery is everyone is hiding about the murder and the case. People on social media are only taking steps about the murder of Robinson.

Police got some evidence, but they were not sufficient to prison Daejanae. Police state that they need some time to investigate the Crime Scene thoroughly.

Social Media Links

The Last Words

Daejanae is investigated for the murder case of Shanquella Robinson. Police found out that her friends are lying about the death of Robinson. The investigation is under process. We will give you the details once there is any disclosure about the case.

Who do you think is the culprit? Please share your opinion with us in the comment section. Gather more information from here

Daejhanae Jackson Charlotte Nc Ig: FAQs 

Q1 Who Killed Shanquella Robinson?

Considering the proof and statements, authorities find out Daejhanae killed Shanquella.

Q2 Who testified along with Daejanae that Robinson was poisoned? 

Khalil testified along with Jackson.

Q3 At what age did Robinson die?

She died at the age of 25

Q4 How many friends have gone on vacation with Robinson?

There were a total of six friends and Robinson.

Q5 When did Robinson die?

She died in Mexico during vacation.

Q6 What is the primary clue police found from the site?

A picture of Daejhanae and Shaqnuella’s fight.

Q7 What Is Robinson’s profession?

Information technology and service professional.

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