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{Updated} Twitter Pokimane Open Shirt – Read the Entire Version Of the Video Clip Viral On Tiktok, Reddit, Telegram, Instagram!

The article Twitter Pokimane Open Shirt briefly explains the backstory of the famous celebrity’s wardrobing malfunction incident.

Have you seen the wardrobe malfunctions of this great actress? Is it something that happens a lot in this world? But have you seen the wardrobe malfunction in the live streaming of the Twitch show? It is something very unfortunate and deplorable. But it happened to Pokimane, a famous social media celebrity. Her leaked video also trended in the United States, Canada. So, in this article, we will look at the trending news of  Twitter Pokimane Open Shirt and its history.


Background story

Pokimane is the twitch name of famous social media star Imane Anys; she is one of the best twitch makers in the United States, ranking in the top ten best twitchers.

All her fans sincerely welcomed all her content. But on November 15, 2022, one misfortunate incident happened to her, which made the headlines of the internet news media channels.

As usual, she was recording her videos in the Twitch application, then she turned backward, and in the meantime, she took a break, but the computer was recording everything. Then she turned and faced the computer and asked the question to her fans, “I have a science question for everyone.” Her shirt got unbuttoned, and her bosoms were exposed accidentally, but the video recorded everything.

The Video Clip Viral On Tiktok

The famous personality has become trending on the Internet because videos of her bosoms got exposed in the live stream, and anyone can record the live stream. Thus, The fans also recorded her accidental malfunction video and leaked it on all the social media pages like TikTok, Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter.

The incident shocked Pokimane. The videos were also posted to YouTube, where they have received a lot of attention. But it is believed that the leaked video has been erased by the cyber cell. We cannot view the leaked information on social media platforms.

Reddit videos of Pokimane

Many links referencing Pokimane’s wardrobe malfunction video have been loaded on the Reddit pages. But all those links are not working, and some videos display the denied access message. Thus, it shows that the cyber cell officials have already removed the videos, and Pokimane is a celebrity and she is an influential lady. Thus, it helped resolve these issues more efficiently. Some imposters are disseminating false information and rumors, and we urge our readers not to believe any of them.

Telegram videos of Pokimane

Telegram is the most easily accessible platform known for its high-quality videos and films. Her video went viral in the telegram, but unfortunately, the links are not opening; there is a need for some external application to see the videos.

Thus, it shows that videos are still available for specific users. At the end of the article, we have provided the telegram links; the readers may check those out.

Did her videos make it to Instagram?

As the leaked videos got released on November 15, there are chances that the videos got uploaded to Instagram, but currently, we need help in finding any leaked videos. And even Pokimane is handling the situation more positively. She didn’t post any sad posts regarding her leaked malfunction videos. Instead, she is calm and eases the situation.

Even though she was aware that her breasts had been exposed while broadcasting the Twitch videos, she did not panic during the live stream. She changed her dresses and got back to her live streaming. Her methods of dealing with the situation won the hearts of many people and helped her gain additional fame and popularity.


Some people have leaked her video and might have earned a lot of money. On the other hand, a girl’s pride and respect were on the line. It is also the responsibility of humans to protect one another. So let us protect her from this unfortunate situation.

Twitter Pokimane Open Shirt : FAQ

Q1. Who is Pokimane?

Pokimane is a well-known twitch star, and her popularity helped her to become the twitch con brand ambassador.

Q2. When did the wardrobe malfunction happen to her?

On November 15, 2022, the incident occurred.

Q3. How did her bosoms get exposed?

There are no official reasons for how her dress got unbuttoned, and it is still a mystery to be solved.

Q4. Where can we find her leaked videos?

Currently, there are no leaked videos available on the Internet.

Q5. Did she post any videos after that tragic incident?

Pokimane is a strong-willed person, and she focused on her daily activities after the tragic incident.

Q6. What is the actual name of Pokimane?

Her real name is Imane Anys.

The links for the leaked videos are, 



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