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Seas Battlegrounds Roblox: Know More About Discord Link, Countdown For The Game

What are Seas Battlegrounds Roblox? What is the Discord Links? Why was there a Countdown for this game?

Why is Seas Battlegrounds Roblox trending on the internet? When was this game released? What are the characters in this game? Where and how to play the Seas Battleground game? When was Seas Battlegrounds was updated? People from Worldwide are interested to know details about this topic. Let us see why they want to know everything about Seas Battlegrounds. 

Details About Seas Battlegrounds Roblox

Roblox’s famous online gaming platform has many games to suit various tastes and hobbies. One such game that has become popular among players is “Seas Battlegrounds.” This is an action-packed game where players embark on a thrilling voyage. They must fight, discover new islands, and win the fights. This game has been updated recently on 18th November 2023. The game was released on 10th July 2022. 

What are the Seas Battlegrounds Link?

As soon as the updated version was released, people started asking for the game’s links and Discord community. The game has three characters from which the players can choose. The three characters have their strength and weaknesses. Players must decide what they prefer. The three characters are as follows:

  • Luffy
  • Zoro
  • Sanji 

Now, we will discuss the links related to the Seas Battleground game. We will provide the Discord and Trello board links.

Seas Battlegrounds Discord Link:

On Discord they have more than 56,000 members. Out of which more than 13000 members are active. On their channel, they have provided all types of updates and sneak peeks. They have also offered a FAQ section on their channel. One can also invite their friends to their discord community. Their discord community is vital. 

Trello Link:

Although there is a Trello board and link, the page is inaccessible. It is showing as a private page.

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What is Seas Battlegrounds Countdown?

People and players eagerly awaited this ‘One Piece’ anime game. The ‘One Piece’ anime has inspired this game. The three main characters are from this anime. The game is available on Roblox, created by StarburstSFX. There is no age restriction for this game. More than 5500 people have added this game to their favorite list. 

Seas Battlegrounds Link has been discussed in the above section. The game is seeking attention from all the ‘One Piece’ anime fans all around the world. The game has more than 900,000 visits. And the server size is 20. The game has been classified under all genre sections because it has all types of adventure, action, and drama. 

Why was there a Seas Battlegrounds Countdown?

Because it was the most awaited game for many, here are the game’s basic controls of the Seas Battleground game. Please read the list below.

  • To Dash Press Q 
  • To Light Attack, Press left-click
  • Press F to Block 
  • Move Awakening Press G
  • For Ragdoll cancel / evasive Press Q 
  • To Run Press WW


In today’s article, we discussed the Seas Battleground game details. It has been updated recently on 18th November 2023. The game and its Seas Battlegrounds Discord account is going viral on social media. Thus, people wanted to know more information about this newly launched game. If you wish to play the game and know more about it, click here.

Have you played the Seas Battleground game? Please comment below with your review of the Seas Battleground game. 

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