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[Updated] Is Roblox Ending In 2024: When Is Happening In 2023 Or Forever? Check Facts!

Gather more information about Is Roblox Ending in 2024 along with the data on When Is Roblox Ending Forever in 2023

Are you the type of person more interested in playing Roblox games? Then, do you know about the shutdown Roblox news, which has been spreading all over the United States and the United Kingdom?

Is Roblox Ending in 2024? To know the accurate and authentic answers to this question, every reader has to read the complete article. Moreover, this article also busts the rumors that are circling it.

Is Roblox Ending In 2024?

No, Roblox, the popular gaming platform, will not shut down in 2024, and this is a pure rumor, as confirmed by the company itself. Even a whisper is spreading that Roblox will be shut down forever in 2023. 

When Is Roblox Ending?

Currently, the developers of the Roblox game don’t have the idea of shutting down the Roblox platform, and it is true that Roblox is facing some legal problems and is battling very hard with its competitors. But these are everyday things when it comes to the gaming business. And the Roblox team is handling every problem individually and trying to resolve it. Moreover, the financial health of the company is also doing well. So, the answer to the question When Is Roblox Ending? is not now or shortly.

Why did shutdown rumors spread?

There are a few reasons why the shutdown rumors about Roblox emerged. Let us see that.

  • The stock value of Roblox has started to dip and has reached its bear state.
  • Technical glitches appear on their platform.
  • They also faced a security breach problem.
  • Higher competition from their contemporary gaming platforms.

All these reasons fueled the shutdown rumors. But these reasons were denied by the company.

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Is Roblox Ending In 2023?

No, Roblox is not ending in 2023 because it is performing well in its niche, and they are achieving new milestones on the company’s operational and financial status. Let us see why Roblox won’t close their business in 2023.

  • Last year, the revenue of Roblox was around 517 million dollars; booking revenue touched 919 million dollars. And they have increased their revenue by 2 percent.
  • The financial reserve of Roblox stands at 3 billion dollars, including cash and other investments.
  • These reasons answer the question. Is Roblox Ending In 2023? Even though the pandemic highly devasted the financial health of many reputed companies, Roblox was shielded by excessive reserves to safeguard all their operations.

When Is Roblox Ending Forever?

Currently, there is no indication of the shutting down of the Roblox platform, and the company heads are putting in their efforts to make Roblox the most robust gaming platform in the world. So, the ending of Roblox is merely a rumor to tarnish the fame and popularity of Roblox.


Roblox is one of the best online gaming platforms, providing players and developers with various options. They are fighting some legal problems over safety for children, copyrights over music, etc. But it is part of running a business, and Roblox will soon solve their problems, so answer for the question: When Is Roblox Ending Forever? Is never!

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