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Usps Uspsjz Scam: Explore Full Details On Reviews Here

To know its plot, we bring extensively consolidated facts unavailable elsewhere in this Reviews of the USPS Uspsjz Scam.

The holiday season has arrived, and it seems to be a festival season for scammers in the United States! People expect to receive Thanksgiving Giving gifts, but scammers have a looting plan for such people. Did you know about a message circulating since 17th/November/2023 about undelivered packages? Let’s check more in this USPS Uspsjz Scam.

Uncovering the USPS Uspsjz Scam:

The initial details of the USPS.USPSJZ.COM scam were posted on YouTube on 17th/November/2023 at approximately 8:30 AM EST. The video contained the voice of a text-to-speech narrator informing that one elderly gentleman was scammed after he updated his residential address on the form. The web page required details of payment methods. So, the older man provided his credit card information.

Within a minute, his credit card was charged $4K several times. The credit card company did not expect fraud as credit card owners used to do thousands of dollars worth of transactions regularly. 

USPS Uspsjz Reviews of YouTube video:

The scammers are very fast, as the YouTube video on the @MangoSchool channel stated that an older man went down the stairs to check with his wife if she was awaiting any package. By the time his credit card already had the charges. As of writing, The YouTube video had 45 views.

The second update about the scam was posted on Reddit @r/Scams community pages by @insane_orderly on 17th/November/2023 at approximately 11:30 AM EST. The post gained four comments. @insane_orderly posted the screenshot of the message to bring awareness about the phishing scam. His post informed NOT to use the link mentioned in the email.

USPS Uspsjz Reviews of Reddit post:

The comments showed how to report the message to 7726 via SMS and forward the details with a screenshot to, marking it as junk and spam before deleting it. The scam message was received in the form of an email. However, USPS confirmed that they do not send such messages containing links.

Within 16 hours of the scam message circulation, it made trending news on the Fox30 channel’s Action News Jax Now news. Several testimonials came forward stating that they usually receive similar messages twice a week. Most of the scam messages were related to USPS undelivered packages!

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Identifying the USPS Uspsjz Scam: was registered in the USA on 7th/November/2023. it is an 11-day-old website. However, its registrar, Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited, is popular among scammers. Its ISP, Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Company Limited, hosts several suspicious websites on the server.

Trend Micro does not trust iQ Scan (monitoring phishing, malware, botnet, scam, spam, and hacked sites) identified for phishing. The website’s owner identity was censored using the paid privacy services of Aliyun. Its IP is not SSL certified, leading to unencrypted users’ data sent over USPS Uspsjz Scam website, which other users can view/access. However, uses a valid HTTPS protocol, and the website is not blacklisted.

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Conclusion: gained a terrible 1%↓ trust, 3.9%↓ business, 100%↑ suspicion, 99%↑ threat, 81%↑ malware, 99%↑ phishing, 91%↑ spam scores, zero↓ Alexa rank, and 1/100↓ Domain Authority. has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire on 7th/November/2024. Its servers and are located in China. seems highly-risky for users’ personal and payment data and devices. Hence, the USPSJZ email message is a phishing scam.

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