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Sandra Lemire Missing: Get Full Details On Report Found

In this post, we will discuss all the details of Sandra Lemire Missing case. Kindly read out till the last to know if Sandra Lemire Found or not.

Do you know about Sandra Lemire’s case? Do you know where she was missing? Sandra Lemire Missing case had become a mystery until the Sunshine State Sonar had a dig in the case. Sandra Lemire from the United States has been missing for the past twelve years. The case was shut until the state Sonar Sunshine had opened it up again from last year. Sandra Lemire’s son has been looking for his missing mother for twelve years. Let’s know all the details about Sandra Lemire in this post.

Sandra Lemire Missing

Sandra Lemire has been missing for the past twelve years. After investigation, she was not found. Last month the Sunshine State Sonar started the investigation again and found the remains of Sandra Lemire. The state of Sonar did its best in getting the case solved. They found the location of her cell phone. They spotted the red minivan in a pond near State Road 417. Sullivan dove into the water and go towards the number plate of the car. He immediately video-called Timothy, the son of Sandra to confirm the car. They found the remains of her mother. The missing case of Sandra Lemire was solved by the sonar sunshine.

Is Sandra Lemire Found?

Yes, Sandra Lemire is found. The investigation started last month after it was cold for several years. The Sonar Sunshine State is based on a nonprofit that was launched in 2022. The team completed the investigation and found the missing mother of Timothy. Timothy stated that he is happy that his mother was not murdered and kidnapped instead it was an accident case. They never did a funeral for her. He thanked Sullivan and his team for the discovery. On Sunday, several police teams came together to assist in the recovery of the vehicle. 

Is Sandra Lemire Found

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How is Sandra Lemire Missing

Sandra Lemire was seen last in 2012. She has been missing since 2012. In 2012, she went to meet a man that she found on an online app. She went on a date with him. She used to live with her grandmother in her house. She drove her red minivan to visit the place. She went missing after that and was not found. After the police started the investigation again they successfully found the red minivan in the pond. They found her remains and informed her family. 

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here on Sandra Lemire Missing, Sandra Lemire has been missing for the past twelve years but the Sunshine State Sonar has become successful in finding her. The body of Sandra Lemire is found. It was an accident case. Sandra’s son Timothy has stated that he thought that it was a foul play case but it turned out to be an accident case. He said that he is happy that his mother was not murdered or kidnapped. You can visit this link to learn more details on Sandra Lemire.

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Disclaimer: We have gathered all the details on this missing case from several online websites. Sandra Lemire has been missing for twelve years but now her remains are found. We have only put the details that are available on the online websites. 

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