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Deanna Moyer Missing: What Is The Say Of Philadelphia Police? Check!

Dive into the ongoing investigation of Deanna Moyer Missing in Philadelphia, where law enforcement is committed to her safe return.

Do you come across many missing cases in the city? Some cases are easy to crack, while some are not. Recently, a missing case of a young girl named Deanna Moyer has been in rounds on the internet. People in the United States are showing their tremendous support in finding her.

This post looks at some essential details before Deanna Moyer Missing. We also dive into current updates on her whereabouts and more.

Deanna Moyer Missing details

In the heart of Philadelphia, a troubling situation unfolds as 26-year-old Deanna Moyer goes missing mysteriously. On December 17th, Deanna, who resides in Germantown, was last seen, triggering worry among her family, friends, and the whole community. Her disappearance has sparked concerns, creating an atmosphere of nervousness among those who know and care for her.

The situations surrounding her missing act remain unclear, intensifying the anxiety felt by those who know and care for her. As the search for Deanna Moyer Philadelphia continues, the city is gripped by a disturbing sense of uncertainty and hope for her safe return.

More Details on Deanna Moyer’s Disappearance

Deanna Moyer’s last known location was her residence on Belfield Avenue in Francisville, Philadelphia. On the evening of December 17th, she left her home around 5:00 pm. 

Deanna reportedly contacted multiple people throughout the night to seek help due to car troubles. Her black Acura TLX, with Pennsylvania license plate MCF4182, had broken down. 

Unfortunately, all communication with Deanna was lost, and she has not been heard since that Sunday night. Adding to the mystery surrounding Deanna Moyer Missing, authorities discovered her abandoned phone at a nearby bodega, adding complexity to the investigation.

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Philadelphia Police Department’s (PPD) Investigation

The PPD has initiated an investigation into Deanna Moyer’s disappearance. Detectives Gerald Winward and Robert Lyons are leading the active search effort. Authorities urgently seek information from anyone who interacted with Deanna on December 17th or saw her vehicle. 

The investigation is ongoing, and the police are relying on assistance from the public to generate leads and gather more information about Deanna Moyer Philadelphia whereabouts.

Community Response to Deanna Moyer’s case

The Philadelphia community has rallied together in response to Deanna Moyer’s disappearance. In a united effort, friends, family, and concerned residents are utilizing social media to raise awareness and share information about Deanna’s disappearance.

The collective hope is for her safe return, urging community members to contribute by reporting tips, sharing security footage, or notifying authorities of any potential sightings to assist in the ongoing investigation.

Current Update on Deanna Moyer Missing Case

As of the latest update, Deanna Moyer remains missing, and there have been no further sightings. The investigation is treated as highly time-sensitive, with her abandoned cell phone raising concerns. 

Authorities urge anyone with information on Deanna’s current location or recent contact to dial 215-686-TIPS. The community anxiously awaits news, hoping for a positive resolution to this troubling situation.


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Concluding our discussion, Philadelphia police are actively working together to find Deanna Moyer and bring her back safely. The mysterious circumstances surrounding Deanna Moyer Missing have shocked both law enforcement and the community. 

With ongoing police investigations and the collective efforts of concerned residents, the hope for Deanna’s return remains steadfast.

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