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Senaffiche Com En Direct: Details On 2stv en Direct Combat

Unlock the pulse of Senegalese culture at Senaffiche com en Direct 2stv Combat en Direct—where wrestling ignites the rhythm!

Wrestling in Senegal, called “Lutte avec frappe,” is a big part of their culture, and many people from Senegal and France love it. In this sport, they mix regular wrestling moves with hitting each other. Lots of people look forward to watching them online and on TV. Let’s learn more about Senaffiche com en Direct.

About Senaffiche com en Direct: is an old sports entertainment website that ranks 724th in Senegal and has a global traffic rank of 2,057,164. Its estimated worth is around US$8,287, based on the revenue it gets from ads. The site attracts approximately 1,513 unique visitors each day. Its web server is located in the United States, with the IP address is possibly legitimate due to below website scores:

About Senaffiche com en Direct

  • Trust score: 100%
  • Business score: 100%.
  • Suspicion score: 9%.
  • Registrant Country: Hayes, Middlesex, United Kingdom
  • Most Popular In Country: Senegal
  • Updated Date: 24th/August/2023, at 00:02:19
  • Creation Date: 27th/September/2018, at 13:51:05
  • Registry Expiry Date: 27th/September/2024, at 13:51:05
  • Registrar: Amazon Registrar Inc.

Senaffiche charges a subscription fee depending on monthly packages, VoD, and PPV options chosen by its viewers. 

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About 2stv en Direct Combat en Direct:

2STV, or Senegal Television, is a superb TV channel in Senegal, West Africa, and it started on October 1, 2003. It’s one of the top TV stations there, offering different shows like news, entertainment, sports, and cultural stuff. If you want to watch 2STV and see matches live, you may subscribe. Here’s the deal:

  • Subscription Packages: They have different plans you can choose from, each with cool stuff like special content, interviews, and highlights.
  • Subscription Fees: The cost depends on the plan you pick. Check their website or ask customer service for the latest prices.
  • 2stv en Direct Combat en Direct Payment Methods: You can pay in different ways, like using a bank, mobile money, or through authorized agents. Check what works best for you.
  • Activation Process: After paying, you need to activate your subscription. Just share your details and proof of payment with them. You can do this online or through customer service.

Activation Process

  • Access to Matches: Once you’re all set up, you can watch 2STV live, including football matches. It’s like being there in the moment!
  • Additional Features: Depending on your plan, you might get extras like match highlights, expert talk, and player interviews.
  • Senaffiche com en Direct Broadcast Schedule: They let you know when fabulous matches are happening, so you won’t miss a thing. Check their schedule to plan your TV time. Enjoy!

About Modou Lo:

After more than three years without wrestling, Modou Lo became the Senegalese arena’s top wrestler again in November 2023, defeating Eumeu Sène. The match was live on Senaffiche and 2STV. Modou, a famous Senegalese wrestler, is known as a “Lutteur” in Senegal. Modou is famous, known as the King of the arenas.

The Destiny of Ama Baldé:

Ama Baldé, son of a legendary wrestler, Falaye Baldé, faced challenges but rose to the top in Senegalese wrestling, showing explosive energy. Sen covers Modou and Ama’s live fights.

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The Long-Awaited Fight between Modou and Ama was delayed multiple times due to injuries, but now they’re set to clash. Modou Lo is the favorite, but Ama wants to surprise everyone, prove his worth, and take revenge against Eumeu, his former idol. Modou is from Parcelles Assainies, while Ama is from Pikine, adding more excitement. Hence, wrestling fans are turning to and 2STV.

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