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Roblox Type Soul Trello: Check Details On Type Soul Game From Wiki, Along With Latest Discord Codes If Any

Roblox Type Soul Trello will discuss the necessary information and guides for the players and reveal the codes and scripts to progress.

Hey, Gamers! Have you heard of the Type Soul Roblox game? Are you already playing it? Do you need any help to get a boost and rewards in the game? If your answer is yes, we have covered you in this post. The game, Type Soul, is the most exciting and popular game on Roblox among players in the United States.

Roblox Type Soul Trello will cover trending searches related to the games, like, game controls, updates, and much more; let’s stay in!


What is the latest news regarding Type Soul?

Haniyura developed the game Type Soul – Scripter; Khaotxc – Animator; vvithdraw – Builder, VFX Artist; 4Data – Modeler; cartier361 – Builder; Drakoooos – UI Artist. It got its update today, and there are 1.3 M+ visits in the game.

The game will let you discover iconic sites from the anime and manga series, like Karakura Town and the Soul Society. Players can use a variety of special moves and strategies inspired by the series to engage in thrilling combat against powerful opponents.


Shinigami, also known as Soul Reapers, are supernatural beings that use Zanpakuto to purify Hollows and direct the souls of the dead to Soul Society. Swords known as Zanpakuto, which are created from a Shinigami’s essence, come in a variety of forms, including the basic release known as Shikai and the more complex release known as Bankai. You must defeat Arrancar and achieve the game’s highest ranking to obtain Bankai. The Bankai is a Shinigami’s highest form of power.

Join legendary Soul Reaper forces with friends or other players to complete difficult objectives and engage in intense PvP combat. Ascend the levels and establish your strength in the TYPE://SOUL universe.

Roblox Type Soul Trello Controls used in the game:

Game controls used in the game let players navigate and unleash lethal attacks and display their prowess:

  • Left Alt- Shift-lock
  • Ctrl+K- activate the Hollow form or remove the hollow mask.
  • Z X C- Shikai Moveset
  • T G- Bankai Moveset
  • Ctrl+J- Bankai, activate the ultimate release of Zanpakuto
  • Shift+Q- Flashstep for fast movement
  • J- Shikai, you can activate the initial release of Zanpakuto
  • M- Meditate state
  • Q- perform quick Dash
  • P- Purify Lost Soul
  • B- Grip/ Eat if Hollow
  • R- Perform Critical attack
  • N- Access Inventory/ Skill Tree
  • V- Carry the objects
  • Comma- Toggle map markers inside Soul Society.

What are Type Soul Codes used in the game?

These codes are unique codes that developers share with players on their official social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., for discounts, promotions, and other in-game benefits. Usually, these codes are used to award either premium in-game currency, which is generally difficult to earn by playing the game or reward in-game items.

Active Codes:

At present, there are no active codes for this game.

What are Type Soul Scripts, and how to use them?

We do not have active codes at this moment, but we have got another way to quickly progress the game, and it is Script.


You can copy this script or type in the script executor to unlock the game’s full potential. You can follow the steps as follow to run this:

  • You need to install a trusted script executor.
  • Once installed, launch it on the mobile or PC.
  • If you are there, search for Type Soul and hit for play.
  • When the game runs, copy and paste the script into the executor.
  • Press the execute button to unleash its power in the game.
  • Yes, now you have got what you were looking for.

Roblox Type Soul Trello and other links:

Most Roblox games feature a Trello, an official link created by the developers to aid players in learning the fundamentals of the game. These links cover every part of the game that is not explained, even on social media links sometimes. Trello for Type Soul is now accessible because of the developers. On their official Trello, the developers also post guidance, suggestion, tips and tricks and other essential information.


The information provided in the post is related to the game and was written after carefully analyzing the details.


Type Soul is a popular action game on the Roblox platform. We have discussed here the game, controls, in-game codes, scripts, and more updates through this post. You can visit an official game page of Type Soul to play or grab the necessary information here.

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Roblox Type Soul Trello- FAQs

Q1. What is the Type Soul game about?

Type Soul is a popular action game on the Roblox platform that will let you discover iconic places from the anime and manga series, like Karakura Town and the Soul Society.

Q2. What are some of the game controls?

Some of the controls used in the game are V- Carry the objects, R- Perform Critical attack, P- Purify Lost Soul, M- Meditate state, B- Grip/ Eat if Hollow.

Q3. When did the game officially release?

The game Type Soul was officially released on 15 August 2022 and got its recent update today.

Q4. How are scripts useful to any game?

Script is a way to progress the game quickly. We have provided how to use the scripts in this post.

Q5. Are there any active codes for Type Soul?

Presently, there are no active codes for the Type Soul game.

Q6. How can Trello help in the game?

Trello is a platform where you can find the Guide for location, codes, abilities, boss information, etc.

Q7. Can Trello help with in-game rewards?

No, you will get an in-game reward through applying codes and scripts but not through Trello. 

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