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Bloxburg Elf Hunt Roblox 2022: Curious To Check Gaming Event Details! Checkout Here!

This post guides the players about the annual Bloxburg Elf Hunt Roblox 2022 and discusses the location of the elves during each progressing day.

Do you know about the Bloxburg Roblox hunt event in 2022? Have you tried playing this game before? If not, this article is based on the details of the event and other instruments to hunt the elf. The December month is finally here with a treat to the Bloxburg players with an annual hunt event for an elf. This game is popular in the United States

Are you excited about the new updates on Bloxburg Elf Hunt Roblox 2022? Read the blog carefully to collect more information about the event and other game details. 


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The Third Bloxburg Elf Hunt Event details 

It is an annual event of the stimulation video game that has been happening for the last three years around the same time of the year. The whole bloxburg is covered with a sheet of snow. The update has introduced new treats, vehicles, Christmas decorations, and wrappings. Like last year, you will have to help Santa find its lost elves. 

As each day of December goes by in Bloxburg Elf Hunt Roblox 2022players will have to search for the lost elves and search for another after feeding them the Christmas desserts and collecting the reward. For more information, links are given in the social media links header. 

Where is the third Elf of Bloxburg event? 

The third elf is near the campfire in Bloxburg. If you need to know the campfire location, first go towards the tunnel, turn right to climb up the hill, and retake a right turn. Once you have crossed the road sign, take a left sign towards the end of the road. 

The campfire for the third elf location of Bloxburg Elf Hunt Roblox 2022 can be found here in the car parking and the campfire. 

What is the Location of the first and second elf Bloxburg?

As per the 9th December update, the first elf was near the tunnel entrance and around the observatory. Remember to take the cookies to collect the amount of 2500$, which you can get right after feeding the elf. 

Continuing the journey to the observatory, getting behind the tower, you will locate a small terrace with benches. You can locate the elf at the corner beside the cliff by following the trees of Bloxburg Elf Hunt Roblox 2022.

What time does Elf Spawn? 

The users should know that the elf does not spawn immediately after the update. They spawn at their scheduled time between 5-9 PM EST at random places. 

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Final summary 

This time of the year is filled with features and treats for Christmas and New Year, and the Bloxburg elf Hunt event makes December more exciting. We will keep updating the elf’s Location according to the findings. 

Have you tried playing this game? Tell us your experiences in the comments. 

Bloxburg Elf Hunt Roblox 2022: FAQs

Q1. How long did the Bloxburg elf Hunt event last? 

It is a month-long event that is played throughout December.

Q2. For how many years has this event been organized? 

This event is being held for the third time in the last three years. It will be held once a year, starting in 2020 and 2021.

Q3. Where is the first elf located? 

The first elf location of 9th December is near the tunnel entrance in the observatory. 

Q4. How many elves have been discovered till now? 

Until now, three elves were discovered in Bloxburg Elf Hunt Roblox 2022 on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of December simultaneously. 

Q5. How can you start elf Hunt? 

The elf hunt event can start with hunting the first elf and feeding him the Christmas dessert. When he is fed, it will reward you with $1000-2500$.

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