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New Globe com PH Simreg Verify: Find New Globe com PH Sim Registration Form Details Here!

To know the required process for New Globe com PH Simreg Verify, kindly read through the article until finished.

What is the New Globe SIM registration about? Do you want to know about the complete procedure? Are you looking for more updates regarding the New Globe SIM card registration? What is the time limit to register the New Globe SIM card? 

To check all the relevant details on the present news, read the article now. Also, know the whole procedure of the Philippines New SIM registration policy. Thus, for more essential details, read the New Globe com PH Simreg Verify article here. So hurry up and know the essential details now.


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What is New Globe com SIM verification news?

The New Globe com PH Sim Registration Form is available at the website. The Filipino people are looking for the New Globe PH SIM registration forms online to register their globe SIM cards quickly. The new rule of the SIM Registration Act states that one must register their SIM Cards by 25 July 2023. The Act applies to the Filipino people, who must quickly register to avoid deactivating their SIM cards.

Globe Telecom shared a Twitter post that states a message for Filipino youth to protect their SIM card. The post further states the youth can get help from their parents with registration.

New Globe com PH Sim Registration Form!

As mentioned, the New Globe PH SIM registration forms are available on the website. In the later section, interested readers can get the Globe SIM Card registration process.

Globe SIM Card registration steps!

One can register the Globe SIM card under three simple steps:-

  • First Step- The user must search for the online site
  • Second Step- The user must provide all the necessary information with the user id.
  • Third Step- Now, the user has to wait for a confirmation text.

Know the Globe SIM registration process!

Interested users can know the New Globe com PH Simreg Verify process here.

  • First, the users must get access to the SIM registration site.
  • Then, the user has to enter their ten-digit contact number.
  • The user will receive a text message containing an OTP if all the information is correct.
  • The OTP will expire within five minutes, so users must quickly enter the OTP.
  • Once the user’s OTP is validated, they must begin the registration process.
  • After that, enter all the asked details such as name, gender, birthday, nationality and address.
  • Then the users must click a selfie and upload it with a valid government id copy for the New Globe com PH Simreg Verify process.
  • After that, the user has to agree with all the mentioned policies, such as Globe’s privacy policies, Attestation for completeness & accuracy, marketing promotional permission & data sharing.
  • Then the user must proceed after clicking the “Submit” button to complete the registration.
  • At last, the web page will provide you with a reference number indicating the registration process’s completion. One must keep the registration number secured as proof of registration.

Information required for proper registration!

After registering your SIM, kindly be ready with the below-mentioned information:-

  • Full name of the user.
  • The correct date of birth to complete the New Globe com PH Simreg Verify process.
  • Gender.
  • A proper address is required.
  • Valid government id along with proper government id number.
  • A deceleration to confirm the provided information is true.

In case of registration for any company, one must prepare the below information:-

  • The company must provide a DTI registration certificate or SEC certificate.
  • Designation details for the Board of Resolution for authorized representation.
  • A special attorney power in case of separate juridical entities.

Identification card accepted for SIM registration!

One must have a look at the types of ID cards accepted for the SIM registration process:-

  • Passport.
  • Social Security Id card.
  • Philippine Identification Cards.
  • Driving License for New Globe com PH Simreg Verify process.
  • Police Clearance. 
  • National Bureau for Investigation Clearance and many other identification cards are accepted.

One Reddit user shared a post stating that the user faced difficulty registering the SIM.

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The Filipino people must hurry up before the deadline for registering their SIM cards to avoid scam texts. The Filipino people will get security from spam and fraud calls after registering their SIM cards. Check the details for the New Globe PH SIM registration process here.

Are you facing any difficulty in registering your SIM cards? Comment down below!

New Globe com PH Simreg Verify-FAQs!

Q1. What time is allotted to the users for registering their SIMs?

AThe authorities have declared the time for the SIM registration process is within 25 July 2023.

Q2. Can a user register more than one SIM?

Yes, a user can register more than one SIM.

Q3. How can a minor register their SIM?

AA minor can register their SIM through their legal parents/guardians.

Q4. How can minors with no government Id register their SIM?

In such cases, the minors can use their parent’s valid government Ids.

Q5. What if one fails to register the SIM within the deadline?

In such, the authorities will deactivate the person’s SIM permanently.

Q6. What is Globe Registration?

It’s a rule made under the SIM Registration Act to avoid users from getting spam and scam texts.

Q7. How to Register Globe?

One can read the above steps to know the registration process.

Q8. Is the SIM registration process free?

Yes, the website costs zero charges for registration.

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