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[Watch Video] Pen Girl Video Original Incident In Google: Watch Viral Video On Reddit, Twitter, And Telegram!

Do you know about the viral Pen Girl Video Original Incident In Google? Watch it on Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram.

Are you the person who totally believes that school is the place that moulds the lives of students? But in recent days, there have been many violent scenes happening on the school premises itself, which reflects the proper mindset of youngsters these days. 

In his article, we are going to talk about the incident, which is linked to the Pen Girl Video Original Incident in Google searches and is going viral in the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and the United States.

About Pen Girl Video Original Incident in Google

On the internet, there are two viral videos related to the keyword “pen girl video,” so let us see them one by one. First, in Brazil, a one-pen video went viral all over the internet and social media accounts like Tiktok because one 14-year-old kid stabbed his classmate with his own pen as she was mocking his presentation, which happened in his classroom. The viral video was uploaded in May of last year.

Another trending Youtube pen video revolves around a Japanese animation video where one young lady is undressed and kept in between a machine with metal flaws, and then her skin is peeled off. Currently, these two pen videos are not available on the internet.

About Pen Girl Video Original Incident in Google

Viral on Reddit

Both of the above pen videos went viral on the Reddit platform. Still, the uncensored version of the video is not available on the platform because both videos show severe violence. No Twitter users could view the video entirely because, in the Brazilian pen video, the boy stabbed the pen on the neck and face of the girl multiple times without mercy.

In addition to that, in the animation pen video, the life of the animated lady was brutally killed, and even we could hear her loud crying on her trending Viral on Reddit.

Viral on Reddit

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More details about the pen video

In the Brazilian video, a pen was used as a weapon to attack the little girl. In the case of the animation video, pen video is the English name for that Japanese animation short clip because the trending Instagram pen video’s original name is Fukouna Shoujo, the sad lady, and it was published in 2012 by the creator named Vvindowsme. 

Even though the animation video was released 12 years ago, the popularity of the Telegram video has not yet been tarnished.

Availability of the video

Currently, the video is not available on any websites or social media platforms because of the violence shown in the viral Twitter video. But some websites claimed to show the original ones, but they seemed to be complete fakes. And in order to find the real one. Users can check whether the Instagram video contains these scenes. The scenes are four kids holding a green colour chart and explaining their presentation. 

And regarding the animation video, readers must look for a young white Japanese lady struck inside the machine. In these ways, readers can locate the real Tiktok video.

People reaction

The viral video invited lots of controversy among people because of the violence shown in it. On the other side of Youtube channel, people severely condemned the owners who released the video on the internet.

Social media links

The links are present on the social media platforms like Telegram


Thus, we have discussed the background story of the trending pen video. Nowadays, the internet is filled with lots of violent videos, and people must choose the correct video to view. If so, the Pen Girl Video Original Incident in Google won’t become a trending video. 

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Disclaimer: The article talks about more violence.

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