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Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram: Are IG Deyails On TikTok? Check Facts!

The post addresses subject of why Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja’s IG account is trending on TikTok and Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram as well as providing true backstory of her.

Do you guys know about the lady named Zhafira Devi Liestiatmaja, who is a celebrity on Java in, Indonesia? If yes, then have you seen her Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram profile, which is trending all over the world?

Zhafira is a celebrity who did the most inhumane act by killing her newborn baby. The news spread like a forest fire, and the name Zhafira is seen in every news article. Thus, in this article, we see the news in a detailed manner.

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja is a famous Indonesian model who has acquired lots of fame and popularity for herself. But recently, her name has been seen in a crime news story because she killed her newborn baby and threw it at the Ngurah Rai Airport mercilessly. The police officials found out about that incident and arrested her on October 15, 2023.

Since then, her name has become a trending topic, and the public has started to search for her social media accounts, including Instagram. After that incident, many fake Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja IG accounts have been emerging daily. Her original real account is zhafiradevil__, and the account has around 999 followers, and she is following 498 people. Till now, she has posted only 2 posts, and her Instagram bio states, “Progress, Not Perfection, Enjoy your life”. Thus, readers have to note these parameters when visiting her official page.

Zhafira Devi TikTok

We can see the Instagram profile links of Zhafira Devi, but there is no data about her TikTok profile. According to online sources, Zhafira has voluntarily deleted her social media accounts due to her arrest incident. Because she has killed her newborn baby, she will receive lots of criticism from the general public, and all those people will target the TikTok account. Hence, she protected herself from all sorts of controversies by deleting her Zhafira Devi TikTok profile.

The background story

On October 15, 2023, Zhafira Devi stayed at the Legian ST Hotel, Bali, along with her current boyfriend. Suddenly, she felt severe stomach pain, and she delivered the baby in the bathroom with the help of her boyfriend.

Then, both of them tried to kill the baby and flush it out, but Zhafira hesitated, so they decided to throw the baby in the dustbin at the airport. But the cleaning lady noticed the baby and complained to the police officials, and the police officials took action.

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Who is Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja IG star?

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja is a fashion model from Semarang, Central Java. She used to appear on many fashion and beauty product endorsements. She is a graduate of Soegijapranata Catholic University, where she took the visual communications stream to pursue her dream.

She is a lady of great dreams and ambitions, which helped her reach the highest position in her career. But her personal life is a huge mess.

She used to date lots of men, and even she doesn’t know the real biological father of her newborn baby.

Social media links

Instagram: ZHAFIRA DEVI LIESTI ATMAJA (@zhafiradevil__) • Instagram photos and videos


Thus, in this article, we have discussed Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram details and the reason for her recent trending news. What she did was a huge mistake. If she didn’t want that baby, she would have aborted at the earliest stage of pregnancy itself, but she missed the chance and was too tired to kill the baby after birth. But thankfully, police officers arrested her for the crime she committed.

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