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Kaan Kazgan LinkedIn: Read Details On His Instagram Hesabı And Boyu ve Kilo Here!

Find the genuine information on Kaan Kazgan LinkedIn and check his current Instagram Hesabı status. Get add-on data on his Boyu ve Kilo and more.  

Who are Savaş Cebeci and Kaan Kazgan? They got it a severe fight amid an argument. They exchanged heated conflicts, which ignited on each social platform of TürkiyeTheir physical fight and glaring argument led to an unexpected brawl, raising questions about what may held to this conflict. 

Dig deep to get insights on the recent hype of Kaan Kazgan LinkedIn profile and more on the incident.

Kaan Kazgan’s Instagram Outrage

A brawl between a fitness coach named Savas Cebeci and an MMA fighter, Kaan Kazgan, took over social media. Several awful images started circulating on social media, which caused outrage among the users. It was initially posted through an Instagram account. 

The pictures shared from the fight were really upsetting for people because it showcased a lot of blood and violence. Many folks did not like them at all and thought they were really mean. 

The images were posted from Kaan Kazgan Instagram HesabıKaan Kazgan got in trouble on Instagram after he posted pictures of the fight, which is not allowed. So, Instagram closed his account.

Interestingly, someone made a LinkedIn profile in Kaan Kazgan’s name, but it does not look official, and there is no real information on it. Do you want to know what exactly happened on the site? 

Instagram followers of Kaan Kazgan are looking for the precise details of the fight and how all of this started. Get an in-depth outline below. For clarification, Kaan Kazgan LinkedIn profile is untrue, and avoid looking for it for safety.

Outline on Kaan Kazgan and Savas Cebeci fight.

It all began when Savaş Cebeci said in a video that nobody weighing 70 kilograms could beat him. Kaan Kazgan took this as a challenge and challenged Savaş. It led to them meeting in Tuzla for a real fight.

The fight ignited hugely, grabbing the attention of the public. One individual in the crowd pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot anyone who tried to break up the fight. It raised interest in Kaan Kazgan Boyu ve KiloFind its details in the next coming up.

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Height and weight of Kaan Kazgan

Kaan Kazgan’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, and weight is 57.51kg (126.8 lbs). He is a former captain of Demir Spor’s freestyle wrestling youth team and has been in professional sports since 2011. He gained recognition by joining the Survivor competition between Turkey and Greece in 2019.

The fight between Savaş Cebeci and Kaan Kazgan became a viral sensation and an exceptional event in Turkey’s sports and social media landscape. Kaan Kazgan LinkedIn is misleading people who are searching for it. So, stay away from such profiles.

Kaan Kazgan informations

  • Kaan Kazgan is also famous for the name face puncher.
  • He is 24 years old, born in Sakarya.
  • He is a professional MMA fighter.
  • He started sports with kickboxing at age 9 and later became an MMA fighter at 11.
  • He has a brother, Murat Kazgan, who is a professional fighter.
  • Kaan runs a gym in Istanbul alongside his brother.



In conclusion, the recent brawl between Savaş Cebeci and Kaan Kazgan sparked massive attention on social media. But we advise you to be cautious and not be fooled by any Kaan Kazgan LinkedIn profile claiming to be Kaan Kazgan’s. It is not real and could be unsafe. Stick to reliable sources for information about this incident and the MMA fighter. 

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