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NFT Goobers (Sep 2021) Know The Latest Updates Here!

This article shares information regarding the newly launched NFT game and tells you the facts related to NFT Goobers with market status. Please give it a read.

Are you looking for information related to the newly launched NFT called Goobers? Do you want to know whether investing in this token will be profitable for you or not? Every day, a new NFT is launched in countries like the United States and many more to take its place in the crypto market. 

This article will discuss the newly launched NFT Goobers and all the information facts about them. Also, we will share the tokenomics and supply chain of this NFT. 

What are Goobers?

Goobers are an NFT game that was launched on September 16, 2021 in the United States and other countries. It is a collection of around 15000 unique and randomized NFT stored in the blockchain of Ethereum. 

When you select a goober, you would be able to sport the number of accessories or outfits connected with it. You can edit your character according to your wish and make it different and better than other existing goobers. 

What is the origin of NFT Goobers?

It is explained on the official website of goobers that the goobers are created because of the miscalculation in the chemical company that is famous for making shampoos. All the discarded waste from the chemical began to mutate after some time and became slime-like creatures known as Goobers. 

Goobers are finding the piece of the formula that makes them powerful, while on the other hand, ChemiCo is finding the cure to resolve the problem once and for all.

Who is the founder of Goobers NFT?

The official name is not mentioned, but we can gather the username of the founder and the team of NFT Goobers. The founder’s username is @DNPthree, and the COO is @DogGodFrogLog. All the information related to the team of Goobers is given on their official site. 

What is the token under Goobers?

The Goobers NFT was released recently, so there isn’t much information on the internet regarding the price and the price prediction. You can be able to mint the goobers’ coin with CLU or ETH. So, don’t wait to mint your goober now. 

What are the different types of Goobers present in the NFT?

Well, you can create your own NFT Goobers, and also there are different kinds of goober present with a unique appearance and their features. Let’s see the different goobers that are present in the goobers NFT, which you can choose. 

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Uber rare
  • Super uber-rare 
  • You can edit according to the type, and each kind has its options of editing. So, choose accordingly and play with them. 

How to get coins under Goobers?

There isn’t any information on the price or number of tokens available because of the recent release. However, the token of the NFT Goobers will be available on the Ethereum network because it is one of the biggest blockchains with secondary market OpenSea. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Question1: What is the release date of Goobers NFT?
  • A: The release date of Goobers NFT is September 16, 2021. 
  • Question2: Who is the founder of Goobers?
  • A: The founder of the Goobers is @DNP3. You can check this link to know about the team of Goobers 

Wrapping it up

After collecting the information related to the Goobers NFT and its present condition, we can say that the investor should wait to invest in this coin. As the NFT Goobers just released, there isn’t much information given. So, wait and keep an eye on the performance of the coin. 

Do you know more about it? Please share your views?

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