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Vault of Gems NFT (Sep 2021) Get Reliable Insight Here!

Please read this write-up to be apprised of Vault of Gems NFT, a recently launched project dealing with digital gems that can be exchanged for real gemstones.

The notion of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs is spreading like wildfire in the marketplace. The developers are introducing new types of assets in the ecosystem, incorporating some or another unique feature, attracting more traders to the community. 

In today’s write-up, we have talked about a new NFT project, known as the Vault of Gems NFT, which is the first of its kind to be linked with a physical asset. Investors worldwide, especially in the United States, cannot wait to learn about this rewarding initiative. 

What is the Vault of Gems?

Vault of Gems is a newly launched NFT project grounded on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is a cluster of 12,345 NFTs in the form of gems. All the NFTs are unique as they are randomly generated by a coding system involving the Value Index or VI. Thus, each NFT is different from the others in its traits like scarcity and rarity. 

The Vault of Gems NFT is linked to real gems that the team could establish after collaborating with trusted jewelers worldwide. This means that the users can exchange the NFTs for actual gems. The true gems’ features such as their price, reflectivity, and hardness determine the scarcity of the virtual gems. This is the first NFT project to be connected with the physical counterpart of the assets. 

Founder of Vault of Gems

The real names of the founder and other team members of this NFT project are not mentioned on the official portal. Instead, code names like Lilulight, Everlast, etc. The code name of the Vault of Gems NFT founder is mentioned as Vaultkeeper. 

Initial Price of Vault of Gems

The developers have fixed the initial cost of this NFT at 0.0808 ETH. Thus, in USD, the starting price of an NFT as per the current figures is around $283, as the price of 1 ETH today is $3500.

Digital and Real-Life Gems

The digital gems that this platform deals with are diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and gold. The developers have described the reflectivity, quantities, and significance of these types on the official website, along with some interesting facts.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the Vault of Gems NFT team has united with global jewelers to provide real-life gems in lieu of virtual ones. This is the first such venture of any NFT project so far. 

Social Media Presence and Reviews

Vault of Gems is available on Discord and Twitter, and there are already numerous followers on both these portals, despite this being a new project. The crypto users have posted on Twitter about this NFT to be a promising and rewarding initiative. 

The users have reviewed this portal and urged others to check it out. It is evident from the comments on Vault of Gems NFT that all crypto enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for this unique venture involving real gold and diamonds. There is also a similar video on YouTube.

Future Course of Action

The developers have transparently mentioned on their official portal their strategy behind this NFT’s development. In the first phase, they would promote this project as much as possible through social media. The presale is scheduled half an hour before its launch. 

The NFT trading would be the next goal, including their enlistment in OpenSea. The team will try to lessen the gaps between the virtual and digital gems. The third phase shall witness their merchandise and airdrops. 

Conclusion on Vault of Gems NFT

The team of this project is constantly providing the latest updates about their launch on Vault of Gems’ Twitter handle, which mentions that the minting of the NFTs shall begin on 21 September 2021 at 2 pm as per Pacific Standard Time.

Are you equally thrilled about the launch of this rewarding NFT? Please share your comments.

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