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Overlord World NFT (Sep) Prediction, Contract Address

To know the current market value and depth analysis of Overlord World NFT, scroll down and read this guide to avoid any sought Cryptocurrency scam or fraud.

Were you waiting for any NFT based game which can operate on your mobile phones? Do you want to earn on your mobile phones with no effort?

In this trending market of NFT’s people from VenezuelaArgentina, and Spain are quite excited to learn more about the recently launched Overlord World NFT, which is a mobile game-based blockchain, and this NFT can make earnings more convenient at the tip of your figures.

About the overload World Crypto

The NFT market has been witnessed to expand quite well recently, especially the integration of NFT with game projects has captured the good attention of the players. The main difficulty with the launched game-based NFT is that all of them are web-based, so a mobile-based NFT game was urgently required to make the players’ earnings more hassle-free.

One of the recently added first mobile game-based NFT is the Overlord World NFT, where payers can make a profit easily and confidently, which requires their mobile phones and internet connection. The NFT is the first RPG mobile game easily downloaded from the play store or apple store.

Founders of this crypto

The overlord World Crypto has made earning very easy by playing the game on the player’s mobile phone. This convenient feature already attracted many players from ColombiaPeru and some more countries. The founder’s name for this NFT is presently not updated over the internet and is missing for now, which is quite unfortunate.

Present Price of Overlord World NFT

The price present at the time of writing this article is as stated below:-

  • Price- $0.01707
  • 24 Hours low- $0.01578
  • 24 Hours High- $0.01895
  • 24 Hours volume- $1,996,331.04
  • Market Rank-2873

The present Statistics and the price prediction of this NFT

The price of this NFT is $0.01711, and the Overlord price is down by 7.78% in the last-mentioned 24 hours. The trading volume of the Overlord NFT is USD 1,996,331.

The prediction of its price is not present at the current moment as this project has been newly launched in the market.

Is the Overlord NFT a good investment for the future?

As per the data available, the current price of Overlord World NFT is $0.01711, and the price for 1 Overlord NFT is 0.017 USD. The circulating supply of this NFT is not present yet, but its Max supply is 1,000,000,000 LORD coins. Also, the data for its market cap is not available for now.

This NFT has already controlled the market through its unique feature of mobile-based NFT games. It is also suggested by us that before investing, do look upon the market value and other data factors which are much important to look upon.

How and where to purchase the Overlord World crypto?

The players can trade, buy or sell the Overlord World NFT on ZT, Bibox, and PancakeSwap. The NFT is the first mobile RPG-based NFT hence the application for the game is available on the Play Store and Apple store from where the players can download the app. After that, one can start playing the game and get rewards such as coins and NFT’s, which the player can later use to purchase items. 

Frequently Asked Questions Section

  • Q1. Is the official website Link available for this NFT?
  • Ans. Yes, the official Website link is present for the Overlord NFT
  • Q2. What is the contract address for this NFT?
  • Ans. The contact address of this NFT is 0x9f3c31f32182564d8bd0c8d7e413e2368bbdc1cc.


The Overlord World NFT can be easily earned within the game, which the player can later profit by trading. The mobile-based NFT feature makes it unique and attractive from the other NFT’s. Therefore, before trading with this crypto, one should know the Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading to avoid scams.

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