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Miracle Spring Water Scam: Explore Detailed Reviews Here

We bring to you extensively consolidated facts about Peter Popoff’s scam in this Reviews of Miracle Spring Water Scam.

Peter Popoff is a religious preacher in the United States promoting his brand, Miracle Spring Water. He has thousands of followers, but little do the people know about the pH properties of water. Let’s check more details of Peter Popoff’s scam in this Reviews of Miracle Spring Water Scam.

About Miracle Spring Water Scam:

The Miracle Spring Water refers to packed water sold by Peter Popoff Ministries, founded by Popoff. Popoff was born on 2nd/July/1946 in Berlin. He was the son of George and Gerda Popoff. His family migrated to the USA, where his father preached in hundreds of revival events. Peter started featuring as a preacher in 1960. 

Peter married Elizabeth in August/1971, who started helping him with religious events. Soon, his preaching was telecasted on religious channels across the USA. Currently, Peter’s preaching is telecasted on nine channels 19 times a week. As per sources, Peter claims himself to be a godman and a prophet. 

Positive Miracle Spring Water Reviews:

Peter had launched several programs in the past where he convinced people to believe in the power of god. However, there was mixed feedback about his programs and Miracle Spring Water on several customer review websites, social media, and blogging forums.

Peter promoted his Miracle Spring Water on social media and TV, stating that within a few days of using Miracle Spring Water, people can expect to receive good news, improvement in health, and prosperity. His Miracle Spring Water made a piece of trending news when customers started claiming that within a week of using Miracle Spring Water, they received $45K+.

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Negative Miracle Spring Water Reviews:

Several people who used the Miracle Spring Water did not find any difference. As per sources, Miracle Spring Water fraud is linked to how Peter makes money by referring to religious texts. In his letter to customers, Peter stated that he is not selling the Miracle Spring Water for a high amount. Instead, customer needs to pay a certain amount of money that is of religious importance.

Peter changes the price of the Miracle Spring Water such that it matches significant numbers. For example, he refers to $37 containing 3 as the number of the father, the son, and the holy sprite, and the number 7 as a perfect number of god, which is considered a Miracle Spring Water Scam. Similarly, the $19 quotation containing 1 as the number referring to the god and 9 as a number of new birth.

As per sources, Peter made $4 million per year in late 1980, $9.6 million in 2003, and $23 million in 2005. The couple was earning $1 million in salary in 2005, and their two kids made $180K each on a yearly basis. Peter also opted for getting huge amounts of donations and charity. 

He claimed that the amount was used to provide Bibles to people by attaching them to helium-filled balloons and floating in the USSR, giving clues about his past activities and the Miracle Spring Water Scam. However, when details of spending were requested, Peter staged a burglary at his headquarters!

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As per sources, Peter’s preaching and Miracle Spring Water were considered a scam, as many claimed that he had looted them in the past. Peter’s primary profession is to earn by religious preaching and spreading beliefs. As per sources, but, he took advantage, as a scientific skeptic – James Randi exposed how Elizabeth used to relay personal information to his audience via a concealed earpiece to receive radio messages in 1986!

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