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Yasmine Pendavis Reddit: Explore Complete Information On Kyss Major, And Joe Smith

Check out Yasmine Pendavis Reddit, Joe Smith wife Kyss Major latest reaction video viral on various social media.

Do you know who Kyss Major is? Also, who is Joe Smith? A former basketball player, Joe Smith, has a successful career in the NBA. Why is the news of the reaction video of Joe Smith trending in the United States? Let’s discuss it through Yasmine Pendavis Reddit post.

What is in the viral Yasmine Pendavis Reddit post?

It seems former NBA player Joe Smith is not happy with what his wife has done in her career. Joe’s reaction to finding his wife having OnlyFans account is now trending. He shows his anger towards Kisha Chavis when he discovers her wife secretly has an OF account. In a viral video, Joe is seen saying he cannot believe his wife got an OnlyFans Page. The video is viral on social media like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. One of the videos has received more than 30 million views on X. 

Did Yasmine Pendavis Joe Smith know about this before?

After seeing the trending reaction video, many fans talk about the fake reaction of Joe Smith. The reaction video is just a way to promote the OnlyFans page of Kisha Chavis. Followers are wondering how Joe did not realize he married Yasmine, and now he is pretending to be furious over this matter. As per sources, it is clearly a drama to draw the attention of users and promote the page. However, it is not confirmed yet officially.

What did Kyss Major AKA Yasmine Pendavis, say about this matter?

Kisha, who is also known as Yasmine Pendavis in the past, defends her husband’s reaction. She in one of the video posts, said it’s her body and her choice. According to her, to overcome their financial situation, she tried other ways, but her former profession worked the best. Even though she never thought of doing the past work again, the situation made her what she is doing right now.

Smith, on the other hand, knowing Kyss Major AKA Yasmine Pendavis, said, he really doesn’t care how much money she makes on OnlyFans. But what matters to him is that she had not informed him regarding this, and he feels betrayed by this finding. He said, “that’s a load of nonsense,” It’s messed up, Kish.

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Who is Joe Smith?

Joe Smith was born on 26 July 1975 in Norfolk, Virginia. He was the first overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft by Golden State Warriors. Before entering the NBA, he played college basketball at the University of Maryland. He was also involved in a controversial incident and was suspended during the 2000-2001 NBA season. However, he had a long and relatively successful professional career in the NBA. Joe Smith retired from the career after the 2010-2011 season.

Yasmine Pendavis Joe Smith has earned $61 million in his career while being in the NBA draft and playing for different teams. However, according to various news reports, he could not save much money after several expenses and taxes. He acknowledged that he had previously struggled financially.

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The video of Joe Smith and Yasmine Pendavis over the matter of the OnlyFans account is trending. Smith, who had a promising career during 1995-1996, suffered a financial issue. To overcome this, what his wife did is unacceptable to Smith, and their reaction video is trending. You can check one of the YouTube videos of Yasmine Pendavis here.

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