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Midge Barbie Pregnant: Check Complete Information On Midge Barbie Doll Pregnant

This article provides detail on Midge Barbie Pregnant, her happy family line, and more about her pregnancy and kids.

Is Barbie pregnant? Is Barbie married? Are you interested to know the story of Midge’s pregnant Barbie? Midge and Barbie get ready to welcome the baby. The pregnant story of Midge Barbie is famous in the United States, United Kingdom, and Brazil. Continue reading the Midge Barbie Pregnant article to get more information about the Barbie marriage and pregnancy.


Was Barbie pregnant?

Midge Hadley is an imaginary toy character in the Barbie doll line of toys. These toys were released in 1963 by Mattel. Midge’s character was also created at the same time. Mattel was introduced as Barbie’s best friend. But the Midge character dolls were not sold in the market after the vintage years. 

Midge, the Barbie doll, was re-introduced in 1988 at the play line. After the reproduction of dolls during 1993 -1998, the dolls were sold in the market, including pregnant Midge.

Midge Barbie Doll Pregnant 

In Happy family line story, Barbie got married to her grownup friend. It was there in the Happy Family line in the set. Midge (Barbie) was sold pregnant with Nikki as a newborn baby in the set. Barbie is part of a happy family. In her happy family, her husband Alan and first child are there.

Now there is a new member on the way. They are ready to welcome the new baby sister to their happy family.

Happy Family line members

In the happy family line, the main personalities are Midge Barbie and her vintage friend, as well as her husband Alan, are there. In Midge Barbie Pregnant family, the set also introduced the children. The name of the kids is Nikki, Ryan, and Cassandra. Midge and Alan also had twins, never introduced in Midge’s Happy Family line.

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Happy Family controversy

In the Happy Family line set, Midge Barbie is pregnant. Along with this set, Nikki was there as a newborn baby. The Happy Family line product became a controversial subject because most parents did not like the Midge Barbie Pregnant. Because most people believed that Barbie Midge was too young a girl to have children.

The Birth of Nikki

Midge’s appearance was popping off her brown and egg-like belly. It shows clearly and reveals the baby inside it. Barbie’s stomach was shaped like a red covering with silly putty came in. This look was frightening. 

During the delivery of Midge, there was no sweating, pushing, or any functional issues. It was shaped and designed as an easy-to-wipe hard plastic shell. It was a stress-free birth.

Midge Barbie Pregnant and Parents

Midge and Alan named her new girl baby daughter Nikki. After the baby popped out from the shell, she was wrapped in a diaper, clean with a beautiful smile. After many years of Barbie doll production, the Happy Family line of Midge came out with her parents. Her parents look older but attractive. 

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The Midge Barbie’s happy family line attracted many children around the world. But Midge’s pregnancy created controversy among many parents. Click the link to get more information about Midge Barbie’s happy family.

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Midge Barbie Pregnant: FAQ

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Q2. Who is Midge Barbie’s husband?


Q3. What is the name of Midge Barbie’s children?

Nikki, Rayan, and Cassandra

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