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De Guzman Villanueva Family Died: Explore Full Details On De Guzman Villanueva Family Fire, And Also Check Information On Cause of Death

The information about the fire accident and the victims who passed away is explained in the article. People can gather the details by reading De Guzman Villanueva Family Died.

What happened in the De Guzman family? When did the incident happen? Who lost their lives? Do you know anything about the incident that occurred in the Philippines? People are searching for the details about the fire accident that occurred. Consider reading the article for more information about the De Guzman Villanueva Family Died.


About the Fire accident

In Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, a family of five members passed away in a fire accident on April 3rd, 2023. The incident started at 12.10 a.m. and spread to the nearest houses as well. The police department reached the spot, and the enquiry started. Investigations are ongoing about the fire that was caused. Meanwhile, social media users speculated that the fire was caused by an overcharged electric bike left overnight. A 34-year-old man and his wife, Dixie, aged 36, passed away. And their three children, aged six, two, and a year old, were found dead on the scene. 

De Guzman Villanueva Family Fire

As the fire started, the family was trapped, and their bodies were found embracing each other. The scenario was said SF04 Randy Fabro, acting fire marshal of the Bureau of Fire Protection Pozorrubio. The house also had five other occupants. Bombo Radyo Dagupan reports that the authorities’ initial investigation determined that the incident occurred in the house’s garage, where appliances were allegedly unplugged. Firefighters put out the fire around 2:58 a.m. It is estimated that P9 million worth of property was destroyed. In the meantime, as a tribute was being paid to the victims, condolences were being sent to their families and loved ones. 

De Guzman Villanueva Family Fire

Cause of Death

The cops investigated the reason for the fire accident. It is assumed that the fire accident was due to the electrical appliances that were highly charged. It is speculated that the cause of the fire was the high charging of the electric bike that left fire sparks out, which led to accidents and loss of life.

People should be careful while charging electrical appliances and ensure it is shut down properly. The accidents can be avoided only when the public is cautious about the power. A non-government organisation (NGO) called for donations to help fire victims. More details about De Guzman Villanueva Family Died are below.


  • Name of family: De Guzman Villanueva Family
  • Name of Father: Mark
  • Age: 34 years
  • Name of Mother: Dixie
  • Age: 36
  • Children: 3
  • Age of children: 6, 2 and 1
  • They died on: April 3rd 2023
  • Cause of death: Fire accident
  • Place of death: Philippines

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According to online sources, the De Guzman Villanueva Family Died, with five members, lost their lives. They were trapped inside the home, which led to death. The fire accident occurred on April 3rd, on Monday. As per sources, the fire spread to three other houses also. The incident happened at 12.10 in the morning. Know more details about the incident online.

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De Guzman Villanueva Family Died- FAQ 

Q1. When did the fire accident happen?

The fire accident happened on April 3rd at 12.10 in the morning.

Q2. Who lost their lives in the fire accident?

De Guzman Villanueva’s family of five members lost their lives in the fire accident.

Q3. Who are the victims?

The victims were identified as Mark and Dixie, and they had three children aged six, two and one-year-old.

Q4. When did the authorities control the fire?

The fire was controlled around 2.58 a.m.

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