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Copa Roblox Final: Check Complete Information On Libertadores

What is Copa Roblox Final? Why is the same keyword with the ‘Libertadores’ trending online? 

Why is the Copa Roblox Final topic trending? What is Copa Libertadores? Is it Roblox? Is it a game? Which teams were playing in the final of the Roblox Copa? Who won the competition? If you are also searching for similar content, stay tuned. People from ArgentinaPeruChile, and Brazil are searching about Roblox’s Copa Grand Finale. Let us discuss it.

Details About Copa Roblox Final

Every year, Roblox arranges a virtual soccer competition. Where teams can participate and play for the glory. This year, the Roblox Copa Cup final was played between Botafogo and Boca Juniors. On 3rd November 2023, the grand finale match took place. The game was live-streamed on many platforms. 

People are still searching for the details about the Copa Roblox Cup. This event has been a big hit for Roblox. The team Botafogo emerged as the champions in 2023. They outplayed Boca Juniors. This event by Roblox has been trending on social media. 

Additional Facts on Copa Roblox Libertadores

This grand finale was live-streamed on Twitch and several other online platforms. This game also has a badge on Roblox named Copa Libertadores. The badge should be earned. It was updated on 28 July 2023. The badge has been developed by creator Luzifur.

The match was also available on YouTube’s official streaming channel. The organizer of the game was ‘Santos Masinha.’ The game was livestreamed on their YouTube channel. The game organizers were from Brazil and called themselves enthusiasts of the virtual metaverse. There are 2 persons involved with the name Santos Masinha. They are a game developer. 

Match Details of Copa Roblox Libertadores

As per details collected from the Instagram account of Copa Roblox, the game was exciting as halfway through the game, no team had any goal. Even when the regular game time finished, the teams had no purpose. 

After that, a penalty game was played in which Botafogo scored three goals and Boca Juniors scored one. Thus, the team Botafogo won the Copa Roblox on 3rd November 2023. Botafogo won 3-1 at Maracanana. The organizers of this game are game developers on Roblox, Santos Masinha. The timeline for all the countries where the game was live-streamed is also provided.

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Copa Roblox Final Organizers

Santos Masinha developers were the organizers. The person behind this Roblox Copa Cup is Santista & Joseense. They are from Sao Jose Campos, Brazil. Here are the details of their social media accounts and other things:

They have provided donation links as well. The developers also have their merchandise for sale and details related to the Santos Masinha company. All this information is available on their Link Tree account. 


In this article, we have talked about the Copa Roblox Libertadores soccer championship. The grand finale was held on 3rd November 2023. People loved the event. It was a virtual game event, live-streamed on Twitch and YouTube channels. The match was between Boca Juniors and Botafogo. And Botafogo won the finale with 3-1in penalty time. No team scored a single goal in the regular time. For more details related to the organizer and the event, click here.

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