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Ceiling Challenge Tiktok: What Is Bianca Nande Challenge? Is It On Twitter

Our research on Ceiling Challenge TikTok will guide the readers if Bianca Nande followed the Ceiling Challenge.

Are you following the Ceiling challenge on TikTok? This challenge has been spreading across the globe and people love to follow the Ceiling Challenge TikTok. People are following this trend Worldwide and are still following this trend on TikTok. Moreover, some people are still trying to understand this challenge better as everyone could not gain much detail on it. Please read the details here. 

About Ceiling Challenge TikTok

As per online sources, the Ceiling Challenge has been trending since October 2023 on TikTok. In this challenge, people have to keep their phones on the ceiling and then shoot themselves. They have to adjust the phones on the ceiling somehow and then have to dance, twerk, and do other stuff. The sound used in the video is Surround Sound by J.I.D. People are gaining millions of views using this challenge and more people are coming up with this challenge in new ways, making different moves, and chilling on this challenge. However, people using TikTok can follow this trend as it is spreading on TikTok for now.

Ceiling Challenge Twitter

As per online sources, after this challenge spread on TikTok, people started posting their videos on Twitter account and gaining many views. As more people are sharing their videos, this trend started trending on Twitter. A Twitter user, @juststeph001 informed that a student from Madonna University located in Nigeria was expelled from the institution for following this challenge in the University. Moreover, this news has not been confirmed yet. However, this challenge is fun for all.

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What Is the Ceiling Challenge and how is it spreading?

This Ceiling challenge is nothing but a TikTok challenge in which the phones are placed on the ceiling and people make videos of themselves. They can shoot a dance or a grooving video. On October 28, a TikTok user, @arcsteelandconcrete initially posted a video and gained over 12 million views. Following him, another user, @retirementhouse, posted the same version on October 29 and gained 9.7 million views in a day. Then, @screech.vibes, another user, posted a similar video on November 8 and amassed 480,000 views in a day. 

Bianca Nande Ceiling Challenge

We have shared the updates that everyone is following this trend on TikTok and then posting the videos on other platforms like Twitter. Bianca Nande is a popular TikToker who is famous for her videos on TikTok. People follow her for the content she posts online. However, she also shared a video following the Ceiling Challenge Twitter and making waves on TikTok. People showered likes on her video and commented. 

Everyone who uses TikTok and is fond of making videos is trying to follow this challenge so that their video can be featured on the FYP. You can also check out the posts on the Bianca Nande Ceiling Challenge online and people have made this challenge trending on Twitter also.


Summing up this post, we have given the details on the Ceiling Challenge that is posted on Tiktok. You can enjoy this challenge as it is now gaining a lot of attention from the public. 

What Is the Ceiling Challenge? Are your doubts clear on this? Please let us know if you need more details on it.

DISCLAIMER: We have shared details on the Ceiling challenge after checking other online sites. Not everyone can follow this trend on TikTok as this application has been banned in some countries.

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