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Iron Maiden NFT (Oct 2021) Read The Detailed Insight!

Please read this account to gain knowledge about Iron Maiden NFT, a digital collection of their mascot Eddie, recently launched by the popular heavy metal band.

Are you a fan of heavy metal? Do you love the distortion and loudness of this type of rock music? If yes, you must be aware of Iron Maiden and their mascot, Eddie. The band has recently stepped into an initiative in NFTs, creating a magnificent opportunity for their fans. 

In this write-up, we have mentioned facts regarding Iron Maiden NFT, about which the rock band’s fans worldwide, including in the United States, cannot wait to discover. Please read this article to know the required details.

What is Iron Maiden?

Iron Maiden is a British music band that performs heavy metal music. Steve Harris, a songwriter and bassist, created this group in 1975 in Leyton, located in East London. They have composed numerous tracks, some of which are also featured in video games. 

The most popular works of Iron Maiden include Piece of Mind, Killers, Fear of the Dark, The Number of the Beast, etc. The band recently joined hands with the Iron Maiden NFT project employing Eddie.

Who is Eddie? 

Eddie is the sole mascot of Iron Maiden and has been its part for a long time. Derek Riggs, a British artist, created this figure, and it has appeared in various spheres of Iron Maiden throughout their long journey of over four decades. Eddie features in nearly all the covers of the band’s albums and singles and is also printed on their merchandise, such as T-shirts and action figures. Eddie is also the main attraction for the viewers when Iron Maiden performs its live shows, which involve lighting and fire technologies. 

What is Iron Maiden NFT?

The band recently decided to include their renowned mascot Eddie with the concept of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). They commenced this project by collaborating with Funko, a pop collectibles firm, and WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) blockchain, one of the leading ecosystems in NFTs. In this venture, the fans and crypto enthusiasts can own several digital versions of Eddie out of forty-four designs created by Funko.  

Price of the Eddie Collectibles

The NFT collectibles of Iron Maiden’s mascot are named Digital Pops. There are two packages of these collectibles with five and fifteen Pops in each. The costs of these Iron Maiden NFT packs are $9.99 and $29.99. The fans will also have the chance to collect physical figures of these Pops in exchange for the digital avatars, through a technology called VIRL, or virtual in real life. The total supply in the market is limited to 6,000 Premium packages and 18,000 Standard packages. The buyers can purchase multiple packs at one time, with an upper threshold of $30 in one transaction. 

The rarities of the NFT collectibles of Eddie belong to six categories. These are epic, common, rare, uncommon, grail, and legendary. If the fans collect one Iron Maiden NFT, each of the rarities epic, rare, uncommon, and common, they will complete the Collections mystery and will have the opportunity to get a physical Pop as a reward.

Specialty of WAX

The supporting blockchain behind this NFT project, WAX, specializes in erasing the carbon footprint of the crypto marketplace. It aims at minting the NFTs without wasting much energy and through environment-friendly systems. 


Through this project, the Iron Maiden fans can come closer to their favorite rock band. The union of this band’s mascot with an environment-friendly blockchain shall make the Iron Maiden NFT more receptive. Please read more about Iron Maiden, its members, and compilations.

Who is your favorite member in Iron Maiden?  Please share with us below. 

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