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Funko Iron Maiden NFT (Oct 2021) Price, Prediction!

This topic is about Funko Iron Maiden NFT to help you know that Eddie is getting a Funk Pop! NFT and explore details about the crypto and trade wisely.

As stated recently in Billboard, Funko and the WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange have collaborated to unleash a selection of Digital Pop, the IRON MAIDEN’s NFTs mascot, Eddie. 

Funko’s CEO Brian Mariotti mentioned that they are hard-core fans of Funko’s IRON MAIDEN and are joyful for the release of the Digital Pop! NFT by Eddie, the music icon. 

Several individuals in the United States and worldwide want to know the details of Funko Iron Maiden NFT that you may know in the guide below.

What is the IRON MAIDEN?

MAIDEN’s mascot would be viewable in 44 various variants as digital “Pops!” starting September 30, 2021, as the company’s first musical artist to receive the Digital Pop treatment.

Fans of IRON MAIDEN and Funko value brilliant minds in pop culture and music. They can now commemorate both in virtual form.

Who founded IRON MAIDEN?

Brian Mariotti is the CEO of IRON MAIDEN NFT. Funko is a pioneering pop culture customer product, and the company is headquartered in Everett, Washington, USA.

Price chart of Funko Iron Maiden NFT:

  • Initial Price- $ 9.99 
  • Total Packs available 24 000
  • Maximum Limit- $ 30
  • Digital Pops!- 15
  • All-time Low- Not Available
  • Market Cap- Not Available
  • Market Rank- Not Available

Funko Iron Maiden Price Prediction and Statics:

Eddie NFTs will be sold in packs of five digital “Pops!” and about  fifteen digital “Pops!” starting  price at $9.99. There will be approximately 24 000 packs available, with the highest transaction limit of $ 30. 

The purchase of NFTs will necessitate the use of a WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange wallet. With a lot more to come, you can stay tuned till Funko Iron Maiden NFT make a successful path in the crypto world.

Is Funko Iron Maiden a good investment?

Funko launched its first collectible NFT selections last month, utilizing WAX’s powerful blockchain platform, ensuring proveable validity for each NFT purchase. Funko’s physical collectibles can now be purchased and traded as virtual items with value-added because of WAX’s proprietary vIRLTM technology.

Iron Maiden previously reached its peak at number four on the Billboard 200 with their previous two albums, The Book of Souls and The Final Frontier. Iron Maiden’s 15th top forty charting albums is Senjutsu, with four reaching the top ten 10. Funko Iron Maiden NFT emerges after Drake narrowly beat the metal veterans to the top spot in the UK albums chart.

So, you can check the details before trading Funko Iron Maiden.

How to buy the token?

Pop culture fans can buy NFT packs with Funko’s distinctive stylizations. Collectibles who obtain ultra-rare Funko NFTs can exchange them for unique and corresponding physical figures of Funko. Every week a completely new Funko property will be launched on the WAX platform for collectors to enjoy.

Funko creates, sources, and distributes licenced pop culture items in different categories, such as accessories, housewares, board games, apparel, plush, toys, and vinyl figures for Funko Iron Maiden NFT customers who want to relate with their preferred pop culture characters and brands tangibly.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the total number of packs available for Funko Iron Maiden? 

  1. Approximately 24 000 packs are available for Funko Iron Maiden.

Q- What is the initial price of Funko Iron Maiden?  

  • The initial price of Funko Iron Maiden is about $ 9.99.   Read here to know the complete details about Funko Iron Maiden


Senjutsu, Iron Maiden’s latest album, reached number one on the Billboard 200 in North America earlier in the month. 

The Funko Iron Maiden NFT band’s most recent album went to number three on the graphs, attempting to sell the equivalent of about 64 000 album units. 

However, the initial price of Funko Iron Maiden is $ 9.99. Also, go through the facts about What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency.

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