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Hero Battle NFT (Oct 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Hero Battle NFT post will let you know about the most famous NFT games on the BSC network; kindly go through.

Hero Battle is the recently launched Play to win game, which has already become popular and trending news Worldwide. Suppose you are into a crypto world and look for a coin that you get as a reward while playing an exciting game, then today’s post will be more interesting for you, so keep reading the guide till the end.

Hero Battle NFT guide will tell you every detail, including How to buy, Contract address, and other important statistics. So let us get started. 

About Hero Battle

Hero Battle is the newly launched multiplayer Roleplaying game which is a boon to all the game lovers. Let us know about the Hero Battle game in brief now; the whole world was happy until a species came from another world.

All magic of an almighty brought together to battle against the evil and defeat. The monster was sealed and imprisoned with five powerful element stones; Wood, Fire, Metal, Water, and Earth.

Each hero character is given control of a superpower to prevent bad forces from controlling the world. You can get more details Hero Battle NFT by visiting its official website. Let us now move on to other crucial details of Hero Battle in the coming below segments.

Founder & Team Information of Hero Battle

People Worldwide are also curious to know the team member information and the founder of Hero Battle. So, go through the details here:

  • Jacky Kien Tran: chairman/Co-Founder
  • Christ Thai: CMO/co-founder
  • Tim Wise: Growth Lead/Co-Founder
  • Ting Zheng: CTO/Co-Founder
  • Mark Tulin: CEO
  • Sean Kernan: Blockchain Economy Design
  • John Gorman: Blockchain Engineer Lead
  • Ken Quynh: HEAD OF GAME Design
  • Sinx Nguyen: Art Leaders

Current Price

The live price of the Hero Battle NFT is not known if we come across any detail, we will let you know.

Hero Battle Tokenomics

  • All the below details are taken from Hero battle official website:
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 HRB
  • IDO (Initial DEX Offerings): 12% Price (40% TGE, 30% per month after TGE )
  • Reserve fund and ecosystem development: 58% (Locked)
  • TEAM: 5%
  • MARKETING: 1.75%
  • ADVISOR: 0.98%%
  • AIRDROP: 0.5% (40% distributed. 30 % per month in 2 month)
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x8d58a9254a84275c5449589527a5ddf85fff6d6d
  • Tax structure: 
  • BUY TAX: 2%
  • SELL TAX: 5%

How to Buy Hero Battle NFT?

All you can do is follow the simple procedure:

  • Visit Hero battle’s official website.
  • On its home page, search for the “BUY HERO BATTLE” tab on the right upper corner. And click on it.
  • It will take you to the Pancakeswap platform, where you can purchase the Hero Battle token.
  • Ensure that you connect the Wallet and use the correct contract address while buying the coin.


Q1. Mention the URL of the official online site of Hero Battle?

A1. The official website of Hero Battle is https://herobattle.app/

Q2. What are the characters in the Hero Battle NFT game?

A2. Gael (The Light bringer), Adriel (Devil Trap), Killian (The Gallant Sword), TITUS (Fate Grip), and ACE (Judgment Chakra).

Q3. Who are partners of Hero Battle?

A3. The partners are A. Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, OXbull, BSC, Solid Group, Alvis, and TEK. You can get more details of Hero Battles here

The Bottom Line

We are Cryptocurrency market enthusiasts and not professional crypto advisors; hence it is highly recommended that every investor to carry out independent research, especially when dealing with the new Token. We hope our guide Hero Battle NFT was useful to you.

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