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Hurdle Song Game {March 2022} New Important Aspects!

Are you trying to delve into the reliable strands of the ? If yes, please don’t stress much and study this article for additional clues.

Do you know the clues of a Wordle-like melody game? If you haven’t learned about Heardle, kindly rely on this post for in-depth facts. 

Wordle is a renowned word-predicting game amongst worldwide players, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. However, a similar Wordle game is in full swing, i.e., Heardle, where the players have to detect the song instead of words. But, we have noticed that netizens are locating it with Hurdle Song Game over the Internet. So, let us discuss Heardle in this writing. 

Narrating Heardle 

The game’s idea is based on Wordle, but in Heardle, the player has to find a 10-year old-but popular song. In addition, the game is uncomplicated, where the user has to hear the song in different sections. The players have to predict the music quickly, and by doing so, they can post their scores on their social media. 

Identical to Wordle, Heardle will serve the players only a single melody daily. So, let us progress ahead who created this game. 

Contributors Involved In Hurdle Song Game

The music served in Heardle is provided by Soundcloud, the audio sharing platform, and other developer platforms. In addition, its creators stated that it was initially delivered for a small collective of people, but fortunately, it gained massive fame globally. Now, let us explore the answer to today’s Heardle in the following passage. 

Today’s Heardle 

When we peeled the website, we noticed that ‘Let’s Stay Together by AI Green’ is today’s Heardle answer. However, if you are questing for its playing method, kindly turn your eyes to the passage below of this composition on Hurdle Song Game

Methods To Enjoy

The underneath-points are extremely important for you if you want to enjoy this game to the maximum. So, religiously gain the information given below-

  • After launching the website, you should listen to the song’s introduction segment.
  • You can hear the melody fragments as many times as you want.
  • Then, you have to estimate the song’s name.
  • If you initially failed to extract its identity, you could push the Skip button to hear more seconds.
  • Try until you predict the actual name in a few skips and win.
  • The Hurdle Song Game strings highlighted that the most exciting advantage is that Hurdle grants the players to share the scorecards. 

Essential Points To Be Noted

  • You can hear the song’s fragments that act as hints in Heardle.
  • Through the search-box option, you can estimate the daily song more precisely.
  • The skipping feature also helps to determine the melody. 

How Are Players Answering?

Over Twitter, people from countries like New Zealand, Canada, and Australia expressed that Heardle is a good music-predicting game. However, we encountered a few individuals posting their scorecards to display their guessing skills. 


In this Hurdle Song Game post, we have revealed the in-depth information of Heardle  and its playing mechanism. In addition, this article included the player’s view on the game. 

Have you played and enjoyed this Wordle-like game? Please share your observations of this game below.

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