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Apecoin Crypto Price Prediction 2022 2025 2030 {March}

The article is about Apecoin Crypto Price Prediction 2022 2025 2030. Read more to know about cryptocurrency to invest easily.

Are you interested in investing in cryptocurrency? If so, this article is for you.

Many people from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have invested in crypto.

There are many coins or tokens where you can invest as per your choice. Apecoin is also one such crypto coin. Read this article if you want to know about Apecoin Crypto Price Prediction 2022 2025 2030.

What is Apecoin?

Apecoin was launched on the Ethereum blockchain platform and is known as an ERC-20 token. Apecoin was launched by Apecoin DAO, a new governing body where all Ape holders are members.

Apecoins are Non-Fungible Token. These coins come under decentralized exchange as you will be able to buy or sell them freely.

Almost every major crypto exchange listed the Apecoin just after the launch. It gained a market capitalization of almost $2 billion only after one day of trading. 

A separate organization called Ape Foundation handles day-to-day DAO administration, management and other tasks. 

Keep reading this article to know about Cryptocurrency Apecoin Price.

Founder and More Details About Apecoin

Apecoin DAO is entirely independent of Yuga Labs. Yuga Labs is under securities regulation. CEO of Yuga Labs is Nicole Muniz and they gave it to DAO treasury. 

Although traditional companies go through the same procedure, Apecoin’s offering is considered unregulated as the Securities and Exchange Commission does not oversee NFTs.

According to SEC official William Hinman, a “sufficiently decentralized” governing body is free to issue a token without being registered as a security. Since Apecoin DAO is decentralized, it is not required to be registered as a security.

Apecoin Crypto Price Prediction 2022 2025 2030

We will present some predictions of apecoin, which market expert makes. Since these predictions are made based on observation of past performance, you should only take the idea from these predictions instead of considering this analysis so perfect. Have a look at the following table to know the prediction.

Price in 2022:

  • Minimum Price in 2022: $18.09
  • Average Price in 2022: $18.61
  • Maximum Price in 2022: $20.57

Price in 2025

  • Minimum Price $58.82
  • Average Price  $60.52
  • Maximum Price $70.97

Price in 2030

  • Minimum Price $393.40
  • Average Price $407.42
  • Maximum Price $475.41

From the data mentioned above, you can get an idea about Ape Coin Price Prediction 2022 2025 2030.

Apecoin Price Status

  • Apecoin Token Price: $8.827 per APE
  • Apecoin Token Price in BTC: Not available
  • Apecoin Token Price in ETH: Not available

Apecoin Token History

  • Price Change 24h Low/24h High: $11.13/$17.75
  • Price Change 7d: 1,293.24%
  • All-Time High: $30.00 

Apecoin Market Status

  • Market Cap: $3,733,647,845
  • Apecoin Volume 24 h: $8,011,992,349
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $13,411,349,277
  • Circulating Supply: 277.5 M APE
  • Price Change 24h: 17.6%


  1. On which exchange is Apecoin listed?

 Ans: Apecoin is listed on Binance and OKX

  1. How many Apecoins are circulating?

Ans: 30.25% apecoins are circulating.

By going through the data mentioned above, it will not be difficult if you want to know about Apecoin Crypto Price Prediction 2022 2025 2030

How to buy Apecoin

  • You have to install the coinbase app and create a coinbase account.
  • Then you have to add the payment method
  • You can start trading after pressing the ‘Buy’ from the list option
  • You have to select an Apecoin amongst the assets in the list
  • Then enter the amount you want to buy
  • The final stage is to finalize your purchase.


If you are thinking about investing in cryptocurrency, Apecoin can be an excellent option to invest in at the current time. But before deciding to invest in any cryptocurrency, you should do thorough research and go through the past data. To buy Apecoin register at

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