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Hurdle Music Game Today {March} Know Hints With Solution

Hurdle Music Game Today has shared a solution for game no 22 of the Heardle game and discussed how to play it.

If you are a music lover and want to guess a song by hearing some part of the song, give Heardle a try? Wordle has increased the popularity of digital puzzle games in countries like the United States and Canada.

The hurdle is a music puzzle game launched three weeks ago and has gained enough players in this short time. In a word, puzzle game players need to apply their mind while one can play Heardle with their memory of the song.

Hurdle Music Game Today will try to find a solution for today’s Heardle.

Hints For Hurdle No 22:

This game was launched a few weeks earlier, and for 19th March 2022, the player will have to solve Hurdle 22. This music game has also attracted a lot of music lovers in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Players need to guess the given song by listening to the part of the song in six attempts. The game allows the player to hear 16 seconds of the song divided into six parts. 


  • This song was released in 1972.
  • Al Green has sung the song.
  • Soul is a genre of the song.

Hurdle Music Game Today:

Players interested in solving the music puzzle can use the hints mentioned above and try it. People looking for a solution for Hurdle no 22 can go further and find the solution for today’s music game.

  • Solution for Heardle No 22, on 19th March 2022, is a song by Al Green – “Lets Stay Together.”

This song belongs to the genre soul and is from the album “Lets Stay together.” The song was produced and mixed by Willie Mitchell and is placed 60th song of all time on Rolling Stone magazine’s list.

Hurdle Music Game Today solution “Lets Stay together” also topped the Billboard Hot 100 during its time.

How to Play a Hurdle Music Game?

Since this game was launched a few weeks earlier, most of the players know how to play the game but for new players: we are listing steps for playing this music game.

  • Players are given six attempts to guess the correct song.
  • Sixteen-second audio of the game is available in six parts with different timing.
  • Part 1 audio for one second, two for one second, and third part for two seconds.
  • Similarly, three seconds for fourth, four seconds for fifth, and five-second for the sixth part.

Hurdle Music Game Today can be played by guessing the song from these audio parts and writing the song name or its title.

Where to Play the Game?

It is not always necessary to name the guessed song as the game gives the option of skipping the attempt and trying the next audio part. The player can use the skip and guess option according to their preference and closeness to the solution.

Players can use this link to play their favorite music puzzle game.

Final verdict:

This music game is not like a word puzzle game, as people listening to the hint audio part may not have heard the song. Hurdle Music Game Today may require more hints for guessing the correct song.

Music game lovers can share their views on Heardle in the comment section below.

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