Complete Information About How to Grow Your Instagram Page Through Mentions (2023)

How to Grow Your Instagram Page Through Mentions (2023)

Well, it’s 2023. A lot has changed in the online environment and entrepreneurship during this time, but some things have remained unchanged, for example, the power of Instagram in terms of marketing. Today, no one disputes that this platform has become a haven for businessmen and companies. 

That’s the way it is: millions of entrepreneurs from all over the world promote their goods and services here and form a broad customer base. They all started from scratch and a fresh page, but they quickly grew their business accounts and raised them to a new level. How? They had a working promotion strategy. 

One of the elements that is included in the strategy in 90% of cases is mentions. They serve as a kind of social proof for people and help businesses improve their visibility on the platform and strengthen their positions in the media space. However, getting these mentions is a rather complicated and long process – before users start interacting with your commercial account, they want to get confirmation from others. 

Then third-party incentives from professional companies come into play. In this article, we’ll tell you how to quickly, easily and legally buy Instagram mentions and make your business page thrive. Keep reading!

What are paid mentions?

Let’s start with the base: mentions are an action when some other user writes @, your nickname and places it in a post or Story. That’s what a mention is in general. 

There is no difference between paid mentions and organic ones – they all come from real people and are not fake, which you may have heard about. In fact, the only difference is that your commercial account receives mentions from third-party companies “out of nowhere”, that is, a person who didn’t buy your goods and didn’t use your services writes about you. 

The best thing is that no one will know if this interaction is paid or not. The pages of specialists who mention you are no different from others – they have photos, posts, bio and live in different countries. That is, neither the security service nor your potential customers will recognize that your page was mentioned through an advertising company.

How to make a purchase legally and safely?

Before placing an order, we recommend making sure of the company’s professionalism. 

Follow these steps to successfully buy real mentions from a great company : 

  1. Analyze the provider’s website. It won’t take you long to understand how good the company is, but this way you can protect yourself from scammers. Pay special attention to guarantees and legal information, a decent provider always has this information on its website. 
  2. Read the reviews. As in any other case, it is important to understand who you’ll trust with some online tasks. Find a section with reviews from previous clients and study them: what are the cons and pros that users highlight. 
  3. Compare prices. Too high prices or too low is a wake-up call. Paid PR services should not be very expensive or super cheap, the ideal  is the average price on the market. 
  4. Ask questions to the manager. Good companies have managers who advise clients around the clock and help with ordering. Formulate a few questions and ask them to the manager. 

Don’t be afraid to invest, but do it wisely. After a successful purchase, you’ll see how quickly your business account will grow. Good luck!

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