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Krystal Cascetta Instagram: Who is Dr Husband? Why Cancer Doctor Kills Baby? Check Wedding & Reddit Updates Here!

The Krystal Cascetta Instagram posts went viral when a renowned cancer doctor killed herself after killing her child.

Have you heard about the tragic death of Krystal Cascetta? Recently, a renowned cancer doctor, Krystal Cascetta’s death left the natives of the United States and Germany speechless.

As this news is trending on social media, people are continuously searching for Krystal Cascetta Instagram posts to learn about this incident. 

Disclaimer: We have gathered all the information from genuine and authentic sources. All the details mentioned here are for educational purposes only.

Who was Krystal Cascetta, and what happened to her?

Krystal Cascetta was a 40-year-old renowned cancer doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Recently, Krystal Cascetta shot her infant and killed herself at her home, in Somers, Westchester County. The New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation Somers declared this case a murder-suicide. 

Many people searched for Krystal Cascetta Reddit to get information about Krystal Cascetta’s baby. The authorities have not revealed any details about the age of the infant. As per some online registry, the kid was only four and a half months old at the time of death. The kid was a baby girl. Rather than her age, there are no more details available. The investigation is ongoing. 

Who is Dr Krystal Cascetta Husband?

The founder of protein bars called Talty Bars, Timothy Talty, is the husband of Dr. Krystal Cascetta. In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Krystal Cascetta got married to Timothy Talty in 2019. According to some sources, the couple bought a house on Granite Springs Road i Somers in 2021. Previously, they used to live in Brooklyn. 

On the official website of Talty Bars, there is a bio of Dr. Krystal Cascetta that described, how Krystal planned to be a doctor. Timothy Talty also said that their Wedding was “so special.” Some people also wanted to know where was Timothy Talty during the incident. 

Some sources revealed that Timothy Talty was not in the home when Krystal shot herself after killing her baby. But Krystal Cascetta’s parents were in the house during this incident. Some neighbors of Dr. Krystal said that they were a happy family. But they did not know that the couple had a baby girl. 

Why did Dr. Krystal Cascetta kill her baby and herself?

Cancer Doctor Kills Baby is now a trending topic for everyone. But no one knows the reason behind this incident. Until the investigation is over, we can not say anything about the cause of this death. Dr. Krystal Cascetta might be depressed and decided to end her life. The reason can be anything. 

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How did ordinary people react to this news?

Not only the family members and friends of Dr. Krystal Cascetta were shocked, but also the patients of Dr. Krystal were stunned after hearing the Cancer Doctor Kills Baby news. Those who know Dr. Krystal Cascetta cannot believe she took such steps. Not only the known people but also many unknown people are still in shock. You can check our “Social Media Links” section to read some comments. 

Social Media Links:

New York City cancer doctor kills herself and her baby, police say
by u/FearmyBeard21 in MorbidReality


According to the Dr Krystal Cascetta Husband, Krystal began focusing on oncology after her friend’s mother died of breast cancer. We will pray for Dr. Krystal Cascetta and her baby’s soul to rest in peace. You can click here for more information about Dr. Krystal Cascetta’s death.

What do you think can be the reason behind this murder-suicide case? Please comment.

Krystal Cascetta Instagram– FAQs:

Q.1 Was Dr. Krystal an ontologist?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 Did Dr. Krystal kill her baby first?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3 Did Dr. Krystal shoot herself?

Ans. Yes.

Q.4 How old was Dr. Krystal?

Ans. 40 years old.

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