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The article on Martina Voley Video Viral on Twitter contains details about a leaked video of Maddie Lethbridge.  

Who is Maddie Lethbridge? Do you know about Martina Voley Video? Why is Martina Voley’s video going viral? Is Maddie Lethbridge the person concerned for Martina Voley Video Viral on Twitter? Volleyball fans Worldwide are searching for this viral topic on Twitter. Let us read all the details and know; Who is Maddie Lethbridge?

Martina Voley Video: Maddie Lethbridge

Recently, a video of Maddie Lethbridge is going viral on social media under the title of ‘Martina Voley Viral Video.’ As per the reports, this footage has explicit and private moments of Maddie. The video has been posted recently and without the consent of Maddie. The video was probably posted on Twitter initially, and then it went viral across all platforms. Maddie is an athlete; she plays volleyball professionally. 

Disclaimer: This article has details about a viral video of Maddie Lethbridge. But, minimal details about Maddie are present online. 

Maddie’s Video Leaked on Reddit

The topic has been trending on Reddit and Twitter a lot lately. Everyone is trying to search for Martina Voley’s leaked video and details about Maddie. But the links provided to the video are not working and redirecting to some other pages. 

It means the leaked video is not easily accessible online, and the links claiming to provide video are also broken. Thus, we assume the video has been removed from the internet for good. Because it was damaging Maddie’s reputation, and it must have been a traumatic experience for her. The video is also not available on Telegram.

Personal Information on Maddie Lethbridge

Maddie Lethbridge hails from Canada City, London, Ontario. Her nationality is Canadian, and she plays professional volleyball. Maddie currently plays for the college team her McMaster University. She started playing professionally in 2018 and plays the position of outside hitter. 

Maddie was born on 17th July 1999; thus, she is 24 years old. Maddie is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs around 59 kilograms. Maddie has blonder hair and a beautiful face. She has been playing for McMaster University since 2021, and Maddie is studying geography at the University. She follows Christianity, and her jersey number is 12. 

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Maddie Lethbridge’s Tiktok & Social Media Links 

Lethbridge is not on any social media platform. There are several fan accounts or pages on every social media dedicated to Maddie. Many people suspect Maddie is not on social media because of this scandal. Many claimed she had deactivated her official account after the scandal. But the actual situation is still unclear. We have decided to provide links to the famous fan page of Maddie Lethbridge.  


This account has more than 3000 followers. But the last post is from May 2020. 


Here are two links to her fan page; one can see her pictures and her teammates. 

Note: There were no official social media accounts of Maddie Lethbridge found. 


In this article, we have discussed the most trending topic of Maddie Lethbridge’s viral video. The video showed explicit and mature footage of Maddie, which is now unavailable on the internet. Maddie Lethbridge is a 24-year-old volleyball player from Canada who plays for McMaster University. Maddie plays the position of outside hitter. For professional details about Maddie, click here.

Have you watched any Youtube videos on Maddie’s viral video? Please let us know the details about the trending topic through the comments below. 

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