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Globalization Partners Review: How Far They Are Right for Any Business in 2022?

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Globalization Partners are a global employer of record (EoR) for foreign workers. The company places employees to handle payroll and pay in-country taxes at the local level, regulatory compliance, and more. With services in 187 countries, Globalization Partners is ideally suited for companies looking to expand their operations into various global markets. Globalization Partners offers a contractor package (monthly fees starting at $49 per employee) for the people who so ever need to hire and pay global contractors, as well as global recruiting and EoR services offered at individual rates. Real-world users also unanimously praise and have shown Globalization Partners Reviews for their customer support.

What is good about them?

  • Local compliance and tax support
  • Payroll services in 187 countries
  • PEO and EoR services are available
  • Excellent customer support
What’s not available

  • Pricing is not entirely transparent
  • Requires two months of payroll prepayment
  • No learning management programs
  • important factor
  • ease of use:
  • End-to-end platforms are generally easy to use but require a basic understanding of how to pay foreign workers.

G-P’s Price:

  • GP Contractor: Starting at $49 per month per contractor:
  • Includes tools for managing, hiring, and paying international contractors.
  • GP Recruitment:
  • Custom-made pricing; this solution gives you access to recruitment specialists to help source qualified candidates in key locations around the world
  • Global Employment Platform:
  • Custom pricing; includes full access to our global hiring platform to help manage your HR and payroll processes.
  • Customer service:
  • Globalization Partners has a great responsive support team, and its clients have 24/7 access to their HR professionals nationally and globally.

Why They are a Recommend Globalization Partner?

Globalization Partners headquarters is the fastest growing women-led company in Boston, U.S.A. Globalization Partners claims a 98% customer satisfaction rate. After researching its capabilities and in comparison it to similar providers offering EoR services, we found it to be a powerful offering for businesses that need a knowledgeable third party to assist them in dealing with their international workforce. They provide payroll and recruitment services in approximately 190 countries, providing a one-in-all podium with the required tools to support the entire lifecycle of contractors and global employees. Increase. Pricing is mostly customized, but broad global reach and service are valuable for companies expanding overseas.

Overall, Globalization Partners is best suited for the following:

  • Companies operating in other countries:
  • Globalization Partners makes hiring talent in 187 countries easy without setting up an international office. We also provide payroll and tax administration for our global workforce. In particular, Globalization Partners is one of our most recommended international payroll services for international compliance and protection of your digital assets.
  • For ADP TotalSource customers looking to hire support staff overseas:
  • If you are already using ADP TotalSource as your Domestic Professional Employers Organization (PEO) and need to hire international employees or send local employees abroad for a special project, In addition, you can work with a globalization partner. Now that the two companies are working together adding services or switching completely should be very easy.

When not to recommend a globalization partner

Businesses needing training or career development services:

  • Globalization Partners does not provide training or learning and development capabilities. If this feature is important to you, consider Rippling. Rippling has a feature-rich platform that includes learning management and international payment tools for contractors.

Domestic companies:

  • Globalization Partners is designed to meet your overseas hiring and payroll needs. It may be more than necessary (and more expensive) than the country’s PEO. If your company, with all US employees, needs an HRIS system, check out our Best HRIS Software Buyer’s Guide. If you’re interested in payroll solutions, our top picks for payroll services are here to help. 

Companies that employ contractors only:

  • The globalization partners can handle international payroll for contractors, but there are also cheaper services. Check out Remote. We offer a contractor-only payroll package that costs $29 per month per contractor (as of this writing).

Budget-conscious companies needing global payroll:

  • If you want a powerful but valuable service, check out Papaya Global. We rank highly among international payroll providers at just $20 per employee for global payroll.

Pricing for Globalization Partners

Since the last update: 

While most of Globalization Partners’ plans remain affordable, the provider has released a start-up fee for his G-P Contractor solution. That’s $49 per month per contractor.

The G-P Contractor module is ideal for companies hiring international contractors for short- and long-term projects. Starting at $49 per employee per month, this solution allows you to pay and hire contractors in 187 countries.

You will need to contact the vendor’s sales team for other modules (G-P Recruit and G-P Employee) and services. A representative will discuss your needs and detail pricing. It is to understand that the pricing of Globalization Partners depends on many factors, from country to employee salary. Hence it is better to understand these factors before signing any deal.

Features – Globalization Partners 

Globalization Partners’ dashboard and they acts as an EoR. That means that for managing your international employees, legal responsibilities are involved. 

They are excellent with their services for onboarding, payroll, and other HR concerns—but take note that the hiring organization is still in charge of mentoring, training, and performance management. Here are some of its essential features:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Compliance-focused HR
  • PEO Software
  • Partnered with ADP TotalSource
  • Globalization Partner’s Ease of Use
  • Setup help
  • A dedicated team of local experts
  • Easy-to-use website
  • 24/7 year-round customer support
  • Training articles
  • In-country specialists

Globalization Partners does its best to make onboarding, hiring, and maintaining international employees easy. As an EoR, it handles many of your tax and legal issues, which is a huge plus. The site itself is straightforward, clean, and easy to navigate. The site provides country profiles and employee information so you can do your research if you’re keen to expand into a new country or review existing local laws.

The globalization partners can set you up and get you started in just a few days. Provides training articles and an in-app help section. Users’ll also have a dedicated team of local experts to answer your questions.

Globalization Partners wiki

Globalization Partners have an array of accolades credited in its name. According to Globalization Partners wiki, in Feb 2020, the company reported 200 employees providing services in more than 170 countries in North America, Asia and Europe.”

The same year Globalization Partners received USD 150 million equity investment from TDR Capital, the British equity firm.

What Users Think About Globalization Partners?

  • Helpful, 
  • Some difficulty contacting the team, t
  • imely support 
  • Easy to set up,
  • Knowledgeable customer,
  • Could use more reports
  • Expensive

Trustpilot has shown approximately 100 customer reviews for Globalization Partners. They, as a provider, received very few complaints but glowing praise. There was no hassle for not being able to reach the support team quickly, but there were only a few complaints; hence, the overall service was deemed excellent.

As per a few users’ comments and experience, they feel they are expensive but have yet to mention what providers they are comparing them to. However, reviewers said they were satisfied with the pricing explanations and that Globalization Partners have tried adapting their fees to the company’s budget.

The Globalization Partners reviews are usually midsize companies of (50–1,000 employees), and two small businesses have given their service 5 and 4 stars. I was impressed that the company took the time to respond to each review with a personal note rather than a generic answer.

At the time of publication, Globalization Partners has earned the following scores on the popular user his review site:


A rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 60 reviews

Trust Pilot:

4.5 out of 5 based on about 20 reviews

What does G-P believe?

G-P organization aims to believe that your next hire should be wherever the opportunity takes you. That’s why they help upcoming organizations to unlock their real potential by building it possible to build highly skilled global teams in a short duration instead of spending months.

We connect ambitious companies to global talent and talent to opportunities in over 180 countries and counting. Through our #1 SaaS-based Global Employment Platform™, we help find, onboard, hire, pay, and manage team members compliantly and quickly. There is no need to set up any local subsidiaries or branch offices.

And never forget that there is a person behind every setting. That’s why we provide a connected and supportive experience for everyone by making employment opportunities accessible to anyone, anywhere.

As an industry leader, G-P enables more collaboration, innovation, and success that we all can share – beyond borders and boundaries.


According to real users, globalization Partners is an expensive international payroll and HR service, but it’s still worth the cost. As a registered employer, we provide easy-to-use software to help you manage your employees from hire to dismissal and ensure compliance with local laws in nearly 190 countries.


What is Global’s Salary?

Globalization Partner’s salary has been an attraction for their employees. The company has a 99% payroll accuracy and a seven-step payroll process. Various setups and organizations have attracted top talent with country-specific benefits packages.

Who competes with Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners’ top competitors include Velocity Global, Deel, and Oyster. Velocity Global provides a global work platform to connect employers and talent and simplify work.

What are Globalization Partners worth?

  • $4.2 billion
  • The investment values Globalization Partners at $4.2 billion

Where are globalization partners based?

They are based in San Francisco, California.

What globalization partners do?

Globalization Partners have built a huge ecosystem of global employment platforms using the Human Capital Management (HCM) technology. Within minutes their customers can build their working teams, activate workflow and approve actions from the comfort of their personal platforms. 

Is Globalization Partners A Good Company?

With an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, Globalization partners reviews has proved the  efficiency of the company in catering to the global employment solution. A whopping 99% of employees find the company a great place to work at. 92% of the employees recommend working at Globalization Partners. Employees across the globe find the company “ one of the fastest growing companies with an innovative approach to global expansion.” 

How Long Has Globalization Partners been around?

Since 2012

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