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[Updated] Kris Wu Scandal Video- Full Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Tiktok & Instagram!

This article provides information on the Kris Wu Scandal Video and tells the readers about the incident and the latest update.

Have you heard about the allegations against Kris Wu regarding a teen? Kris Wu, a famous pop star in the Chinese music industry, got arrested for inappropriate behavior with minors, shocking his Worldwide fans. 

However, if you want to know the whole story of the Kris Wu Scandal Video and the aftermath of the incident, start reading the article. 


What happened to Kris Wu?

Kris Wu, a famous Chinese pop star, got accused of misbehaving with a young Chinese woman. The incident was released on Weibo (A Chinese Twitter) on July 8, 2021, along with other allegations about the famous star. 

Full Viral On Twitter: What does the video contain?

In the video, there’s a confession of a 19-year-old woman named Du Meizhu, who said that Kris Wu took advantage of her and other allegations by other women. However, the exact video isn’t available on the internet, so we can’t be sure about the wording and content. 

After the video went viral Worldwide on the platform, Kris Wu started losing sponsorship, but he denied all these facts and allegations that were put on him by everyone.

Who is Kris Wu? 

As the incident went viral on Reddit, everyone wanted to know about Kris Wu in detail. Here’s some information that we have collected. 

Full Name-  Wu Yi Fan
Stage Name- Kris Wu
Date of Birth- November 6, 1990
Birthplace- Guangzhou, China
Nationality- Chinese
Mother’s name- Wu Xiuqin
Height- 1.87m
Awards- MuchMusic Video Award for Fan Fave New Artist
Occupation- Rapper, Singer, Actor, and Model
Group- ex-member of band EXO

What happened to Kris Wu after the video?

When the video went viral, many people tweeted about his arrest, and he became a trending topic, especially in the #MeToo movement in China. Everyone came forward on Instagram and other platforms to tell their story with Kris Wu. 

Kris Wu was arrested for allegations of forceful intimacy with different girls, including minors, on August 2021. However, he was found guilty and sentenced to 13 years in jail by the officials. 


What happened to Kris Wu after the video

Who supported Kris Wu?

Unfortunately, no one supported Kris Wu then, as his ex-group EXO members cut all ties with him when he left the group. Some fans try to cover up the situation on TikTok and other platforms, saying that it’s a body double or fake. 

There needs to be more clarity mentioned on the internet, as Kris Wu’s representatives just commented on something now. 

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Final words 

Kris Wu was a talented person, but his predator behavior took everything from him, which resulted in jail time of 13 years. He did terrible things to his fans and friends unconsciously, making everyone hate him. Check here

Is justice served right? Please comment below. 

Kris Wu Scandal Video: FAQs

1: who is Kris Wu?

A: Kris Wu is a famous pop star in China.

2: Who released the video on social media?

A: Du Meizhu released the video on Weibo. 

3: When did the video go viral?

A: The video got viral in August 2021. 

4: What was the group, Kris Wu?

A: The group name of Kris Wu was EXO.

5: What is the actual name of Kris Wu?

A: Kris Wu’s real name is Wu Fi Yan.

6: Where is the video available?

A: The video isn’t available on any platform like Telegram

7: What is the punishment given to Kris Wu?

A: Kris Wu has to spend 13 years of jail time. 

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