Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus Online Product Review

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus {Aug} Makes the Cleaning Much Easier

This article tells you about the latest gadgets Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus helpful for home cleaning & its benefits and uses.

With the help of new technologies and development, many companies have launched their new products to make the life of the people easy. Does look for cleaning appliances leads to here? Well, cleanliness becomes the necessity nowadays after the COVID-19 breakdown. 

In this article, we will tell you about the machine that helps you in your day to day cleaning and vacuuming, i.e. xiaomi roidmi eve plus. So let’s find out about this product in detail and see the experience of the people in the United States and many other countries. 

What is xiaomi roidmi eve plus?

Xiaomi, as we all know, is a famous brand for mobile phones and television and other gadgets in countries like the United States, India and many more. This brand is developing so fast that they come up with new gadgets that help people in their day-to-day life every year. 

This time, Xiaomi came up with a device that helps clean the house in a fun way and makes the cleaning process easy and time-saving.  The device is called xiaomi roidmi eve plus, which is available on xiaomi official website, and you can order it from anywhere in the country. 

This device is the best choice for cleaning the house as you need to sit on your couch and instruct this device. It performs ozone deodorisation, anti-bacterial cleaning and vacuum cleaning with an attached bag for the dirt collection. Now let’s check some specifications related to this product. 

Specifications of xiaomi roidmi eve plus

  • Type- Robot Vacuum cleaner 
  • Company- Xiaomi
  • Model- Eve plus
  • Suction power- 2700 Pa
  • Brand- RoidMi
  • Navigation- LDS SLAM
  • Cleaning modes- Suction, Mopping, sweeping 
  • Battery capacity- 5200 mah
  • Cleaning area it covers- up to 250 square metres 
  • Power- 850W (vacuum cleaner ), 50W (Dust bin station)
  • Dustbin capacity- 300ml + 3 L (Dust bin Station) 
  • Size- 350X350X98 mm (Vacuum Cleaner) and 358X350X175 mm (Dust bin station) 
  • Weight- 3.6 kg + 2.7kg 

What are the benefits of xiaomi roidmi eve plus?

If you are in doubt regarding buying this product, then by looking at these benefits, you will make sure why this product is so important nowadays in every household.

  • The xiaomi roidmi eve plus is a remotely controlled device which means you can control it with the help of your phone.
  • It saves a lot of time and manpower energy as now you wouldn’t have to feel fatigued because of the household cleaning. 
  • With different methods of cleaning and sweeping, you will be able to clean your house properly as with the help of sterilizing system, it disposes off the small microbes and parasites that are present in your house. You can watch the progress of cleaning in the LED screen of the product. 
  • It provides deep cleaning like anti-bacterial cleaning, which helps eliminate germs from the floor and makes the house safe for you and your family members. 
  • xiaomi roidmi eve plus is equipped with navigation technology that helps it navigate the route around the house for the cleaning. 
  • The dry cleaning of the floor and vacuuming also helps in wet cleaning as the device is fitted with 250ml of the water tank. 
  • The dust bag can collect up to a large quantity of dirt and dust from the house as you can empty the bag after 1-2 days. 

How to connect xiaomi roidmi eve plus with the phone?

  • The first you need to do is open the play store app and install the Xiaomi home application. 
  • Open the application and agree on all terms and conditions. 
  • Choose the region in which you are using the device, i.e. xiaomi roidmi eve plus if you order the product from any china based online shopping website and choose china in the region. 
  • Allow the permission and allow the GPS to track the location. 
  • Tap on the sign-in option and create your account. 
  • After that, you will see the plus icon on the right side of the corner. Click on it and select xiaomi roidmi eve plus. 
  • Choose the wifi- network to connect with the device. 

Final Verdict

With all the information we have gathered about the xiaomi roidmi eve plus, we can conclude that this device is best for house cleaning and vacuuming and also for the sanitisation of the house. Moreover, you can use it easily by connecting it with your Smartphone. 

If you have any queries regarding the product, then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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