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The article below provides all the information about the Full Alligator Attack Video. We also explained how this incident happened and the outcome of the attack.

Did the lady die in the alligator attack video? The video where an alligator attacks a lady is getting viral on all social media platforms and has become a hot topic on Worldwide news channels. People are curious to know what happened to the lady and how the crocodile managed to attack her.

If you are looking for the same question, you are at the right place. Here we have brought you information on the Full Alligator Attack Video.


What was in the full Alligator attack video?

In the video, an 85 year old elderly lady was on the side of the lake and was walking her dog. As recorded in the video, they were on the edge of the lake, and an Alligator was moving toward them from the lake. 

In a few seconds, Alligator came close to the dog, but the dog managed to escape. Meanwhile, the lady tried to rescue her dog and fell to the ground. The Alligator attacked and took her away to the lake, where the Alligator killed her.

When did the police get to know about the Alligator Attack Video Reddit?

While the Alligator was taking away that lady, her neighbor Carole Thomas, a 76-year-old lady, tried to help her but got no luck. She immediately called 911 and told them the Alligator had taken a woman into the lake. While on the call, the neighbor saw that the lady was no longer on the ground and cried that she thought she was gone.

How did people react to this incident on Twitter?

After watching the video and seeing what that poor lady had to go through, people on Twitter felt sad for her and showed their condolences to her friends and family.

Meanwhile, others said she should not have walked her dog on the lake’s edge. They stated that people are aware that in Florida, there is a high number of alligators, and it could be dangerous to take it casually.

Youtube information about the 85 years old lady and the Alligator

When the cops arrived at the location, they recovered the woman’s dead body from the lake. Later they pulled out the Alligator from the lake and took it away.

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The final Words

The Alligator attacked and killed the old lady, taking her away inside the lake. The police took the Alligator with them to prevent more accidents like this. 

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Viral On Reddit Alligator Attack Video (FAQs)

1- What was the name of the woman killed by an Alligator?

A- Her name was Gloria Serge.

2- Was it the first alligator attack in Florida?

A- Since July 2022 it was the third alligator attack there.

3-How long was the Alligator?

A- It was a 10-foot alligator.

4-Is the full attack video available on Telegram?


5-Was the Alligator known to the neighbors?

A- Yes, it was a neighborhood fixture, and they called it Henry.

6- What did the police tell the neighbors?

A- They asked neighbors not to walk their pets near the lake.

7-Was the alligator attack video posted on Instagram?

Yes, a clip from the video was posted there.

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