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This article provides information on the Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video Reddit and the aftermath of the incident.

Are you seeking information about the alligator attack on an older woman? News of the alligator attack is trending in the United States and other countries, and everyone wants to know the woman’s condition. 

Therefore, if you want to know about Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video Reddit and other facts, read the article until the end. 


What is the content of the video?

A video circulated on the internet on different platforms like Reddit and Twitter in which an alligator kills an older woman trying to save her dog from the incident. The accident happened randomly as the woman stood on the river’s edge. 

Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video Twitter

The video is trending; everyone has started sharing it on their private groups and social media accounts. In the video, it is seen that the alligator tried to attack the older woman’s pet, but when the lady tried to protect her, the alligator took the lady and dragged her into the river. 

The incident happened at the lake outside the Spanish Lakes Fairways in the retirement community in Fort Pierce. Serge’s neighbour called 911 for help, but it was too late for the lady. 

Is the video available on any social media platform?

Different news channels and websites are showing video clips of the attack as the video is Viral On Reddit. People from other countries in the United States want to know everything related to the incident so that they can be cautious in future. 

The video clip is short in which it is seen that the alligator is getting ready to attack the dog. However, when the lady protects her pet, the alligator attacks the lady and drags her into the river with his sharp teeth. 

What is the reaction of the people and the police?

People who were present at the scene said that the neighbour tried to pull the lady out of the river, as seen in the video presentation on YouTube, but it was too late. The alligator killed the lady, but then the experts trapped the gator. 

911 dispatchers arrived at the scene and tried to calm everyone down, so they could get the evidence and check out the scene for investigation.

The reaction of the Netizens on the scene

The netizens are shocked after watching the video and appreciate the old lady’s bravery and sacrifice for the pet. The readers and online Instagram users believed that the organization should be strict to prevent these acts in the future.

Although the alligator trapper catches the alligator, it is an unusual sight in Florida. 

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Final Thoughts

The alligator got caught, but the lady lost her life protecting her dog from the attack. It is an unexpected accident which should be prevented in future.

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Alligator Attack Video Unedited Video Reddit– FAQs

1: Who is the old lady in the video?

A: The old lady’s name was Gloria Serge.

2: When did the alligator attack happen?

A: The attack happened on February 24, 2023.

3: Where’s the full video available?

A: The alligator attack’s full video is available on Telegram and other social media platforms.

4: Where did the attack happen?

A: It happened near Florida Lake.

5: Are there any family members of Gloria?

A: No information is mentioned related to it. 

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