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Sofiathebaddie Dog Video: Find If Any Original Vdeo Still Available On Reddit, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, And Youtube

This article about the Sofiathebaddie Dog Video provides insight into the viral video and the girl.

A few days back, an account named “Sophia the baddie” posted a video of a dog and herself while doing unethical stuff. The video has gained a lot of views and hence went viral.

Have you seen the video? How to get the video? Are you wondering who the girl in the viral video is? People Worldwide are curious to know more about the video. So kindly stick to the article till the end to know all about the Sofiathebaddie Dog Video.


What is about the viral video?

We can’t expect what will go viral; it’s all unexpected. This time a video is surfacing the net uploaded by the TikTok account of “Sophia the baddie”. This girl is not popular on TikTok and has around 3000 followers, but her dog video went viral with the speed of light.

Disclaimer: we are not providing the link to the original viral video in this article as it contains explicit content that is against the law and won’t be suitable for all.

What is the stuff in the viral Twittervideo?

The video got more than 11 million views before it got deleted from the main account. The video contains a girl, said to be Sophia, having fun with her dog in an unethical way. The video has already been deleted from social media like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and much more as it is against the policy.

Where can we find the video?

Millions of people have seen Sophia’s video with the dog and have installed it too. Many people who came to know later about the viral video on Instagram are asking for the link. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with the link here as the video contains explicit content. You can find the video on the internet, as many users have uploaded it under some external links, but you need to see it through specific keywords.

Is the video leaked?

Well, we can’t be sure about this as there is no such information till now about the girl’s identity as she has yet to show up after the video. The video can be leaked too, or she might have uploaded it herself as there is no proof until now. You can check Youtube videos in social media links for more information about the viral video.

Social media links:



This is not known whether the girl herself posted the video or if it was made viral by someone else. The video is directed to remove from social media, but people have already installed the stuff. To get more information about Sofia the baddie viral videovisit the link.

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Sophia the baddie Original Vdeo Viral On Reddit- FAQs:

Q1. Who is the girl in the viral video?

No information about her was present on the web. The only thing known is that her account is “Sophia the baddie”.

Q2. What is the age of the girl present in the video?

Her age is not disclosed yet, but she is not a minor.

Q3. On what platform did she upload the video?

The video is uploaded on her TikTok account.

Q4. Where can we find the video?

You can find the video online if you search for specific keywords.

Q5. Is the video deleted?

Yes, the video has been deleted from the original Tiktok account, but it is present on the internet as people installed it as soon as it went viral.

Q6. How many views does the video get on TikTok?

The video has more than 11 million views.

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